How to Spot a Bull Frog

Bullfrogs are amphibians that live in marshlands, ponds, and creeks with little current. They have excellent camouflage to evade predators, and so, can be difficult to spot. Here are some steps and tips to help you find these elusive creatures.


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    Look for suitable habitat where you can expect bullfrogs to live. There should be clean water with little or no current, and sufficient aquatic vegetation to offer them concealment.
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    Choose the proper season for searching for bullfrogs. They are amphibians, and so, are cold blooded creatures which are only active in warm weather, from spring through early fall. Breeding season is usually late spring to early summer, and males can make considerable noise during this time.
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    Consider looking late in the evening, or after dark, since bullfrog's large eyes are reflective, and are more easily spotted than their bodies.
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    Travel the banks of the body of water you are searching quietly and slowly, so the bullfrogs do not startle them and cause them to leap into the water.
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    Stop and scan the water's edge frequently, looking for the glossy skin of the bullfrog. Also be aware of their distinctive profile against the similarly colored background where they await prey.
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    Listen for their distinctive call, or croaks to help you locate the general area bullfrogs are in.


  • Listening for bullfrogs in the late evening will give you a good idea if there are any in the pond you are searching.
  • If your house is by a lake, you'll hear bullfrogs a lot around nighttime. You'll probably see them in the morning.


  • Be aware of the depth of the water as you walk along the bank of the pond or stream you are searching, you may slip and fall in.
  • There are often venomous snakes, alligators, and large snapping turtles in bullfrog habitat.

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