How to Splurge Selectively at Christmas

Avoid unwanted calories while still indulging at Christmas time. You can splurge and keep your figure too!


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    Avoid eating the sweet and fatty food at every occasion that you attend. Limit it to every few events.
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    Place foods in a hierarchy. Keep the fatty and sugary snacks at the top of the hierarchy and the fruit pieces and vegetable sticks at the bottom. Allow yourself free range down the bottom and eat from the hierarchy as follows:
    • Go for the vegetables and dip platters. Splurge on the crudites that will have you chewing away for a bit. Be sparing with the dip but don't forgo it altogether.
    • Enjoy fruit pieces and whole fruits like strawberries without added extras like cream or cheese. Just savour the fruit. You can splurge on berries as much as you want.
    • Keep the sugary snacks for special. Unless they are something that you really, really like, skip them. If you do like them, savour them.
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    Don't eat absent-mindedly. Don't eat the nuts just because they're there and you're stuck at a table with boring conversation. Limit yourself to food that you are consciously choosing. Taste it, enjoy it, and then move on to sipping your drink and consciously choosing to stop eating any more of that particular food.
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    Avoid triggers. If you can't stop eating the chips until the bowl is empty, steer clear of even starting.
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    Eat well on Christmas Day itself. Enjoy the meal fully. Provided that you haven't been snacking at every party leading up to Christmas Day, you can afford to indulge on this day and eat that second helping of dessert as wished.
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    Keep leftovers in their place. Just because they're old and cold does not mean they lost calories in the process. Get your eating routine back to normal the day after Christmas and make the leftovers fit into your normal daily diet, not as an excuse to keep on splurging until they're all eaten up!


  • Eat an apple before you attend a Christmas party. It will help to dull your appetite.
  • Drink water in between alcohol and food to fill you up more.
  • Watch the hidden calories in alcohol - they're there alright even if you can't see solid proof of this!

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