How to Split a Large File Into Small Files Using WinRar

Do you have a large file that needs splitting? WinRAR can help you do that. Once you open the file up in this program, you can split it with just a few clicks.


  1. Image titled Stem1001
    Select or highlight the file that you want to split.
  2. Image titled Step1002
    Right click and select "Add to File".
  3. Image titled Step1003
    Select the format of the compressed file output. You can choose between RAR and ZIP.
  4. Image titled Step1005
    Input desired file size for each section.
  5. Image titled Step1004
    Select the file size units for the number you entered above. It'll most likely be MB or GB.
  6. Image titled Step1007
    Click "OK" to start the process.

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