How to Spend Less on Wine

For many people, having a glass of wine with dinner is a daily engagement. While this can be an enjoyable and even healthy way to pass the evening, the price of a regular wine habit can mount quickly. If you are looking to cut back on your spending, alcoholic beverages can be an obvious area to target. Fortunately, there are several ways to spend less on wine while still enjoying your regular drinking routine.


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    Have fewer glasses of wine per sitting. This is perhaps the most obvious, but most effective way to spend less on wine. If you usually have 2 glasses of wine - perhaps 1 with dinner and 1 afterwards - cut down to drinking only 1 glass. Successfully reducing your drinking in this way will immediately cut your wine spending in half!
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    Adjust the price you are comfortable with. Most grocery stores today stock a wide range of inexpensive wines that offer surprisingly good quality. Begin trying wines that are slightly below the price you normally consider the appropriate minimum. You may be surprised to find that you can't tell the difference at all between your usual wines and more inexpensive varieties.
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    Purchase boxed wine instead of bottled wine. Boxed wine, historically stigmatized as unacceptably low quality, has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence recently. Respectable vineyards have begun packaging quality wines in boxed form. Checking out these wines can help save you money - a 3 liter (0.8 US gal) box of wine is the equivalent of 4 regular wine bottles, and usually features a lower price per volume.
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    Check out wines from affordable regions of the world. If you have a penchant for French, Italian, or fine Napa Valley wines, you could consider broadening your tastes to include more affordable regions. Chile, Argentina, and Australia all produce quality wines that carry a much lower price tag than many French favorites. Sourcing wine from within your own country is also a good way to find affordable bottles.
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    Buy wine in bulk. If you don't mind the large initial cash outlay, buying wine by the case is one of the best ways to save money. Many grocery stores and specialty resellers will offer discounts if wine is purchased by the case. Some stores will even offer a discount if you buy 6 mix-and-matched bottles from their shelves.
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    Avoid buying wine in restaurants. It is no secret that wine in restaurants is precipitously marked up in price. If you frequently buy wine in restaurants, consider scaling back. At the least, take advantage of inexpensive house wines, low per-bottle prices, or bring your own wine and simply pay a modest corkage fee.


  • Substituting other beverages in place of your usual glass of wine can also save you money. Green tea, for example, has many of the same healthy benefits as wine but is much cheaper.

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