How to Spend a Day on Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Slovenia! Located about an hour’s drive west of Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, Lake Bled is famous for its invigorating climate and natural springs. The scenery is very romantic, with a little baroque church on an island in the mid of an emerald green lake.

Lake Bled is ideal for honeymooning couples. A medieval castle stands above the lake on the north shore. The lake is situated in a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains and forests. It sits at the base of the Julian Alps and its clear, sparkling waters attract visitors from all over Europe. If you would like to plan a trip there, check out what you can do!


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    Take a stroll around the town. This city is an important convention center and tourist resort. Bled offers a wide range of sport activities, such as fishing, horseback riding, or golf. It's a starting point for mountain treks and hikes, especially within the nearby Triglav National Park.
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    Visit Grand Hotel Toplice or Lakefront Hotel. There are dining areas with wonderful views. For more adventurous rowers, a trip to Lake Bled island is well worth pursuing.
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    Take a gondola trip to the center of Lake Bled. It has an island with a white church, called the Church of Assumption. There you will be able to see surface of Bled Lake where it rises; it's the only real island in Slovenia. In this church are fragments of frescoes with the scenes from Mary's life are preserved. You will be able to see the main Baroque altar, which was carved in 1747. There are also three older altars, which are from workshop of Mihael Cussa. There are pictures on the altars that are works of artists of the Venetian school.
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    Take a half-day excursion to Vintgar Gorge. It is 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Lake Bled. That gorge is prearranged for visits, especially for visitors to Bled. There are paths that will lead you over bridges and Šumer’s galleries, or Šum waterfall. From the Šum waterfall you can take the opportunity of walking up a picturesque footpath through Hom to St. Catherine, a historical church. At the Šum waterfall, there are cafés serving refreshments. It's possible to access there by car or bus, as there is a parking area in front of the entrance to the ravine.
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    Visit interesting monuments and sights on Lake Bled, like the Clifftop Castle Museum. There you will discover a museum telling a story about the history of the that region. It's only a €8 ($10) entrance fee. The Clifftop now integrates a museum and a restaurant. It’s an absolute scene designed for tourism.


  • Try checking out the Bar Café, or A Propos.
  • Don’t miss the local specialty kremšnita or kremna rezina. This is a cake with cream and vanilla custard. They serve it at the Park Cafe, where the dish was invented in 1953.
  • Try out the following restaurants: Panorama Restaurant, which has a large terrace overlooking the lake and mouthwatering desserts; Julijana Restaurant, an excellent choice for gourmets; Vila Bled Restaurant, which has fabulous historic ambience; pri Planincu, for bikers; Topolino, which has slow food; and Okarina, the proud owner of a tandoor.
  • There are buses and trains to Lake Bled. The train station, however, is at the far end of the lake, so it's not very convenient.
  • Consider seeing another part of Bled on your trip, such as the Bled Castle, the Bled Island or the Iglica Waterfall. [1]


  • Lake Bled is very busy in the summer, and prices rise in the summer.
  • Lake Bled has a lack of self-catering accommodation.

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