How to Speak Your Mind

It's hard to overcome the fear of speaking freely for what you believe. But speaking your mind is a skill that is used in many areas of life. Read on to learn how to conquer that shy, sinking feeling.


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    Don't worry about how people might react to you speaking your mind. Understand that you have the right to say what you want to say. You have the freedom of speech, and nobody can take that away from you.
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    Don't let aggressive people intimidate you. When somebody glares at you, glare right back at them (but don't be too mean) and say what you have on your mind! Nobody owns you or your right to express yourself, so don't let anyone force you into silence. Bullies rely on the expectation that others will be intimidated by their aggressive attitudes, but it is almost always a bluff that can be easily reversed; standing your ground against them throws them off guard.
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    Remain calm. It's very important not to let your emotions take over entirely. Remember that this is just a conversation, and people will think better of you if you speak calmly and slowly. Acting calm makes you seem collected and in control, especially if other people are freaking out around you.
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    Don't shout. Yelling doesn't make people hear you any better. In fact, it can cause them to tune you out.
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    Speak clearly and make yourself heard, without having to yell. Speak just loudly enough so that people can hear your voice, and your opinion.
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    Practice speaking your mind around your friends and family. They are the first people you should start openly speaking your mind to. Even for decisions that seem small or unimportant, like where you and your friends should go to eat for lunch, let your opinion be heard. Be part of the group decision-making process.
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    Believe in yourself! If you believe what you have to say is important, others will too. Even when you're not feeling confident, acting self-assured makes you appear cool and in control of things. Stick to your guns and express yourself in ways that let others get to know the real you—not the quiet, introverted person that anxiety makes you out to be.


  • Be confident.
  • Speak up when you feel like, but remember to respect other people's opinion too - they have the right to have their own opinions.
  • Practice speaking your mind and expressing yourself with your family, then with a group of friends, then with everyone.
  • Let people know how you feel about them but don't be too harsh.
  • No matter what, keep calm and take your time.


  • Don't let anyone intimidate you; if someone tries, stay strong.
  • Don't be too harsh about everyone; yes say what you really think but sometimes there's a line; don't cross it!

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