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If you would like to conquer your shyness and speak up more often, read this article to find some tips on how to speak up. Whether it be talking to a few friends, raising your hand and speaking up in class or talking in an interview, it's always a great idea to share your thought or just "speak up"! This not meant for people who have exceptional hearing. The fact you can hear yourself and it sounds loud is not what this article is about.


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    Don't be nervous- There is nothing to be nervous about when speaking up. It's a good thing to get your thoughts out in the open so that everyone can hear. This may broaden your courage and overcome your shyness. Other people will see you in a whole new and different light. If you are still nervous, think of the 3 C's: "Calm, Cool, and Collected." Don't just say them, but actually think about each one. Close your eyes and say each word clearly and slowly. When saying each word, picture yourself being Calm, Cool, or Collected.
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    Have a good posture- Having a nice and straight posture will let people know that you won't let anyone walk all over you. If you sulk over, then people may think that you are easy to poke at. To emphasis your interest about the subject, try to use body language and build up more confidence.
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    Listen- If you listen to what other people are saying around you, you might think of more things to saythings to talk about. You would be surprised how easy it is to add something to a conversation- if you think of it, don't hesitate to make your point. Just don't eavesdrop to other people's conversations, unless you are invited or if it's the right time.
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    If you are having trouble starting a conversation, ask the other person "How are you?" or another conversation starter. You could also comment on something unusual or exciting that is happening lately. If the other person seems like they want to go on with the conversation, go on too! There is nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck in an awkward silence.
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    Class time- If you are in class, actually think about what the teacher is saying. Not only will you save time on your homework, you will be able to ask questions when needed.
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    Friends- If you are chatting with friends, follow in with the conversation. If you listen, you will know what they are talking about, and then you will know what to talk about too! Try to get involved with the conversation. If people see that you are interested, they will want to talk to you!
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    Clubs- If you're in Scouts, 4-H, or any club, you probably do lots of activities. It's important to let the adult know your opinion if your group is taking part in a decision. Everyone should be included; just speak up! This is hard to do if you're not the sort of person to speak out. But if you let your leader know your opinion, everyone should respect and value that, and if they don't (which is quite unlikely to happen), you may want to join another troop, pack, or group. You are a part of the group you're in. Everyone should agree fully on what the group should do. Voting isn't always fair if you're going to spend a lot of money on it. If you feel like this isn't happening, tell your group (if you're the leader), or tell the leader (if you're a kid), that you want to make it fair for everyone. Just remember that your opinion IS important and shouldn't be ignored.
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    Self Esteem- When taking part in a club for kids, you got to speak up. Don't be shy. This is will only make you nervous. Believe in yourself that you can do it. If you feel self-conscious, pretend it's only you and the club leader. This may sound dumb, but try it and don't think about the others. You just have to be strong. Being frightened that an incident that has happened in the past like being booed off a stage, or kicked out of a group, will only weaken you. Keep in mind: you are amazing, and if other people don't see that they are the ones with a problem here. If you show them who you are, someone will notice your excellent ideas and free will and acknowledge it
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    Confidence is Key-Always act confident.Not too confident though! Some may think you're trying to take over or be cocky. GOOD LUCK!


  • Have great manners because nobody wants to talk to someone who back talks and teases them.
  • Understand and really listen to what the other person is saying. They will think you are a caring and very friendly person.
  • Just say excuse me and they might listen to what you have to say.
  • Don't overthink it. Just say it.


  • Do not interrupt people when they are talking. Instead of earning a friend, you could lose one. It can be considered rude to interrupt someone's speech and thought process.

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