How to Speak Pig

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Pig is a language based on spelling (not to be confused with Pig Latin). You'll speak better Pig the better you are at spelling. Rather than speaking whole words, you'll be speaking by spelling out each word that you say. It takes a while to master, but it's quite difficult for others to understand what you are saying.

Sample Paragraph

Sample Pig Paragraph

Speaking Pig

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    Add "UP" to the end of each consonant you say.
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    Say the letter of each vowel.
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    For example:
    • Mike. In Pig, Mike would be said Mup I Kup E
    • Get. Gup e Tup
    • Mckenna Mup Cup Kup E Nup Nup A
    • Jill. Jup I Lup Lup
    • Tom. Tup O Mup
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    Now try decoding some:
    • LupETup'Sup TupRupY A SupENupTupENupCupE.
    • GupOODup LupUCupKup!


  • Don't give up
  • Keep on trying and you will learn how to speak it.
  • Try using Pig for written notes while your practice speaking as speaking in Pig can be awkward.


  • This may annoy your friends, parents and siblings.
  • You might get beaten up.

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