How to Speak Miupla Xeti Dn

Miupla Xeti Dn or Mixed Up Latin is a form of English that will confuse anyone that does not know about it. Other languages may provide clues to what their words mean, but when you speak Miupla Xeti Dn, you can speak a secretive and puzzling language.


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    Miupla Xeti Dn has a simple key - the two first letters of each word are put together to create one word. Then you go to the third and fourth letter, making another word with several letters.
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    For example, "How are you?" would be "Hoaryo weu?". You would take the letters "Ho" from "How", "Ar" from "Are" and "Yo" from "You". You would combine them to form "Hoaryo."
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    Then you would take the next two letters (in this situation there are not two letters left, so you would just take the remaining letters), "W", "E", and "U."
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    The result would be "Hoaryo weu?"
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    Miupla Xeti Dn has the same punctuation as English, so it is simple and easy to use.


  • If people start catching on to the language that you would not like to, an easy thing to do would be to make up a similarity to a random word. For example, "Inehe edlp" could become "Heehee ad-lip." People will think you are psycho for the moment and leave you alone.


  • Do not insult people while using Miupla Xeti Dn, because some people have the brains can figure the language out in a while.
  • Keep the language to yourself if you are using it for more secretive things.

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