How to Soften and Smooth Your Feet

Three Methods:Moisturizing Your FeetScraping Dead Skin Off Your FeetImproving Softness Other Ways

The feet are often neglected and can become tough and callused. That’s especially true if you go barefoot a lot, especially outside. Luckily, there are many easy remedies to make the feet smoother and softer. Pamper your feet, and pay attention to them, and they will feel a lot better!

Method 1
Moisturizing Your Feet

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    Moisturize your feet constantly. You can apply Vaseline to your feet to soften them. You should apply some type of moisturizing lotion or product to your feet on a daily basis.
    • During the night, put Petroleum jelly all over your feet and either wear socks or put a towel underneath so the jelly doesn’t get all over your bed sheets. Do this right before going to bed. [1]
    • You could also take 2 plastic bags the size for your feet, apply Vitamin E oil to your feet, secure the bags, put socks over the bags, and then fall asleep. By morning your feet should be a lot smoother.
    • Buy heel cream. Especially during the summer, feet often get rough and hard, due to calluses from walking with flip-flops or no shoes. The heels need special attention. At nice departments stores, you can find cream specially developed to soften heels, which often are the roughest part of the feet.
    • Coconut oil or olive oil are also great natural ways to soften the feet.
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    Make a homemade scrub. You can make homemade scrubs to apply to your feet out of common household ingredients. These scrubs, if regularly applied, will result in smoother and softer feet. [2]
    • Concoct a sugar scrub using brown sugar (1/2 cup), honey (a spoonful), olive oil (or any oil of your choice, also ½ cup), and lemon juice (squirt). Brown sugar is less harsh than regular sugar. It will help your skin retain moisture after the scrub. Honey will also help soften and moisturize the feet. Lemon juice brightens and evens out the skin on the feet.
    • However, many people warn strongly against using sugar or lemon on your skin, as they can cause lacerations and chemical burns respectively. If you use this scrub commonly, you may cause accelerated aging of the skin, along with other issues. If you have concerns about this, follow the recipe, but replace brown sugar with salt and don't add lemon. Salt is very good for the skin, and wont cause lacerations like sugar, while still exfoliating. The lemon does very little (besides burn you) in the first place, so replacing it isn't really necessary.
    • Sit on the edge of a bathtub. Soak your feet in very warm water for about 10-15 minutes to soften the skin on your feet and prepare the skin for the scrub. Then, taking small amounts of the scrub, start gently massaging your feet, focusing on specific areas like the heel and the ball of the foot (especially if you have callouses).
    • Massage the scrub into your feet for as long as you feel necessary. Leave the scrub on your feet for a minute or so, and then rinse off the scrub with warm water. After rinsing the feet, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the feet, followed by a fair of fitted socks to ensure the moisturizer will remain on the feet, and penetrate the skin deeply.
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    Soak your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes before you go to bed. You need to do this several days a week. If you don’t regularly take care of your feet, calluses and toughness will start to build up, especially on your heels. [3]
    • Add a few drops of liquid soap and some baking soda (1 tablespoon for 5 liters of water) into the water (or try Epsom salts or bath salts).
    • Baking soda helps to soften the dead skin and will ease its removal. You could also soak your feet in a foot spa. You can buy these spas at many stores. They often plug in, generating spa-like movement in the water, which is relaxing.

Method 2
Scraping Dead Skin Off Your Feet

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    Use a feet scraper or file. Foot files or scrapers are metal products that look sort of like cheese graters. Sometimes, they are also made of clay. You can use them to grate the dry, tough skin off the bottoms of your feet. With regular use, the feet will become smooth. [4]
    • A more aggressive way to remove very thick calluses are callus shaves, which are sharp, horizontal blades that look similar to a very small cheese slicer. Don’t remove a callus entirely. If the removal becomes painful, stop. [5] You can also buy foot files in the shape of plastic eggs.
    • Using the scraper or the stone, remove all the dead skin. Apply a moisturizing cream while massaging the skin when you are done.
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    Use a pumice block or stone. Pumice stones can be found in most beauty stores, and they are an alternative to a scraper, which is often made of metal. They work really well at buffing the feet and removing dead skin cells.[6]
    • The pumice stone will scrape the top layer of dead skin cells off your feet, dramatically improving their smoothness. Remove skin when it is dry to avoid injury. Rub the pumice block directly onto calluses and rough patches to rub off dead and useless skin.
    • Don’t rub too hard or long as you can easily irritate or injure your feet. Use soft back and forth motions and apply little pressure.
    • You could also regularly use an exfoliating soap that you buy at the supermarket. You won’t have as much work to do with the pumice stone then!

Method 3
Improving Softness Other Ways

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    Get a regular pedicure. Most nail salons offer pedicure packages that include procedures that will soften the feet. For example, they will ask you to soak your feet in warm water before painting your toenails. [7]
    • They will then use a scraper to get the dead skin off your feet, including your heels, before proceeding. To minimize risk of infection, you should ask for a morning appointment.
    • Ask the salon about the different packages because sometimes deluxe packages offer more scrubs and procedures that will soften your feet (and your legs too). These pedicures can be fairly expensive, though, and need to be done at least once a month.
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    Wear shoes. Your feet are going to get pretty rough if you’re walking around barefoot a lot – especially outside. So wear shoes, and you’ll have less work to do in order to soften them.
    • Harsh sunlight and dust also damages the feet (and the hands too). Wear socks with your tennis shoes, too.
    • They might look nice, but let’s face it – high heels are absolutely brutal on your feet. So wear them sparingly – just for special occasions, perhaps.
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    Try foot exercises. Doing regular foot exercises can help keep your feet softer and healthier. They stimulate blood circulation, and this can make feet less dry. [8]
    • Use your hands to rotate your feet clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Do this 10 times on each side.
    • Exercise your toes by stretching them outwards and then backwards. You should also do this exercise 10 times each.
    • Drink a lot of water in addition to regularly exercising the feet. Hydrating the body makes the skin healthier and softer all the way around.


  • Stop going barefoot! Get a pair of shoes that fit you well and are comfortable.
  • You need to treat your feet with the care you give to the skin on your face. Some people forget the feet..
  • Feet scrubs are also great for softening the hands, so after you are done massaging your feet, rub the leftover scrub on your hands.


  • Don't ever use anything sharp to scrape rough feet. Even if you don't injure yourself, you can cause infections. Use a pumice stone to gently buff your calluses away.

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