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Three Parts:Preparing to SnuggleMoving in for the SnuggleSnuggling Solo

Snuggling is one of the most enjoyable things any couple can do. It's an innocent, yet intimate way of getting closer to one another, both physically and emotionally. If you've never snuggled someone before, you may be a little uncertain about how to approach it. Luckily, this article will show you how it's done -- just see Step 1 below to get started.

Part 1
Preparing to Snuggle

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    Make sure you smell good. One of the first things you need to consider when preparing to snuggle is your personal hygiene. No one wants to snuggle with someone who hasn't showered in three days.
    • Make yourself snuggle-able by having a hot shower before your boyfriend or girlfriend arrives. Wash your hair with a scented shampoo and de-fuzz anything that needs to be defuzzed!
    • Apply some deodorant and place a little perfume or aftershave on your pulse points, such as behind your ears, on your inner wrists, in the crook of your elbows and at the base of your throat. Remember not to overdo the application of perfume or cologne, however; this can be a complete turn off if the smell is too strong!
    • Also remember to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with mouth wash. Snuggling often leads to kissing!
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    Set the mood. The second thing you need to do is set the mood for some intimate snuggling.
    • Try to get as much privacy as possible -- make sure any parents/siblings/friends/roommates are out of the house, or at least make them promise that they'll stay out of the room.
    • Dim the lights. Turning off the main light in the room and using a few lamps instead can make the atmosphere much more romantic and suitable for snuggling. Try lighting a few scented candles if you really want to kick the romance levels up a notch.
    • Make sure the room is comfortably warm, but not too hot. You don't want your date to be shivering, but you don't want them to be too hot to get close to you either. With that said, lighting a small fire can be uber romantic.
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    Get comfortable. Comfort is of paramount importance when it comes to snuggling, so make sure you and your date won't be sitting on the floor.
    • Choose a snuggling location with a comfortable couch, love seat, or bed. Pile on plenty of pillows or cushions -- these can be useful when there's an awkward elbow or hip bone getting in the way of a good snuggle.
    • Get a warm blanket (that's big enough to cover the two of you) and drape it over the back of the couch. Then you'll easily be able to grab it once a good snuggling position has been established. Make sure it's soft, not scratchy like some wool blankets.

Part 2
Moving in for the Snuggle

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    Invite your date to sit down. Once your date arrives, steer him/her gently towards your chosen snuggle location and ask him/her to sit down.
    • Ask him/her if he'd/she'd like a drink or something to eat -- you want to make sure all of his/her needs are taken care of in advance so that something as silly as "needing a glass of water" won't disrupt your snuggling later on.
    • Tell him/her he's/she's welcome to take his/her shoes off and snuggle up under the blanket -- you want him/her to be as comfortable as possible.
    • Start the movie or TV show or game or whatever other activity you had planned for the evening.
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    Make your first move. Sit down next to your date -- as close as you feel comfortable with -- so you can set the snuggle plan in motion.
    • Try resting your arm on the back of the couch behind your date's head (this works well for guys, it may feel somewhat unnatural for girls). The when you've built up the courage, you can transfer your arm to your date's shoulder.
    • Try grabbing your date's hand. You can just hold it or you can play with it, stroking the individual fingers and massaging the palm.
    • You could start playing with your date's hair (guy or girl), twisting it around or stroking it (without pulling). Alternatively, you could try massaging his/her neck or tugging gently on his/her earlobe.
    • Really, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you are touching your date -- the point is to initiate physical contact so you can easily segue into a full-on snuggle.
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    Commit to the snuggle. Once you've broken the touch barrier and start to feel confident, you can smoothly transition into a complete snuggle.
    • Guys can do this by wrapping their arm around their date's shoulders and pulling her closer. This will allow her to rest her head on their chest or shoulders.
    • Girls can grab the guy's arm and sort of hug it, while resting their head on his shoulder or chest. If you want to get really comfy, you can also rest your legs across the guy's lap (just make sure this isn't uncomfortable for him).
    • Congratulations -- you are snuggling!
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    Try some different positions. Now that the snuggling has begun, there'll be no stopping you! Try some of these snuggletastic ideas:
    • Try a sitting spoon, where you both sit facing the same direction, with the small spoon sitting in between the big spoon's legs and lying back against their chest. The big spoon can then put their arms around the small spoon's shoulders.
    • Try resting your head in your date's lap, or allowing him/her to rest their head in yours. Then the sitting partner can stroke the lying partners hair or exposed arm.
    • If you've finally lost interest in whatever it is you were watching/doing before, you can try some more intimate snuggle poses which require both of you to be lying down. Try lying down facing each other, allowing your foreheads to touch and your legs to become intertwined. This position is perfect for intimate conversations.
    • Another great horizontal pose is for one person to lie on their back while the other lies on their side facing the first person and resting his/her head on the chest. This is a good position for napping in.

Part 3
Snuggling Solo

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    Make yourself a hot drink and grab some munchies. Solo snuggling can get a little boring, so make sure to grab yourself some tasty treats to keep yourself entertained. Plus, a having warm drink like tea or hot cocoa is like getting a hug from the inside out!
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    Grab a blanket. If you're snuggling solo, you won't have another body next to you for comfort and warmth, so grab the biggest, comfiest blanket you can find and wrap yourself up in it.
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    Surround yourself with pillows. Make yourself a little pillow fort from all of the pillows you can find around the house. Put a couple behind your back and head, press one against your stomach and hold one between your legs (this one is surprisingly good!).
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    Invite a pet to come and join you. Okay, so this is cheating a bit on the "solo" part, but there's no denying that cats and dogs (or bunnies, chinchillas and other small furry creatures) make excellent snuggle buddies. Having your pet cuddled up beside you will bring your snuggling to a whole new level.


  • Enjoy the moment--don't rush through it.
  • Snuggling is not gender role-defined. Either member can initiate the snuggling.
  • If you are lying down together, rest your head on his/her chest, or put your arms around him/her,
  • Snuggling is something that happens a few dates into the relationship. Perhaps starting with the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd.
  • Involve your legs in the snuggle from time to time, especially if you feel confident about them liking it, and if you're wearing something that exposes them like a dress or shorts. This is only after you are comfortable with snuggling with your partner.
  • When wearing a skirt or dress, try pulling it back a little to expose enough knee for his hand. Sometimes this is as easy as saying, "Please put your hand right here."
  • If you're at a scary movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend, act scared. (He'll/she'll most likely want to hold you and protect you to make you feel more safe.)
  • Always keep your legs as close to him or her as possible if you want them to be touched. Conversely, if you'd prefer your legs not get involved with anything, angle them away enough that it would be uncomfortable for his/her hand to be there.
  • If your sitting down make sure when you hold his/her hand to set it on top of your leg. Also to be more romantic out your hand casually on his/her wrist when holding hands!
  • When holding his/her hand, rest it in your lap so that his/her fingers are touching your leg.
  • When sitting, try bringing your feet up under you and lean your legs onto his/her lap (this can be fairly forward because he'll/she'll have little option than to rest his/her hand on your legs or put his/her arm around you).
  • Little things you can do to tease or just to add a little something extra to your snuggling. You may not be able to do some of these. It depends on how you've ended up snuggling. Maybe his/her head is on your lap, maybe you are both sitting with his/her arm around you. Not all of these will work for every position. Try them out and see what works for you:
    • Play with his/her hair.
    • Kiss him/her.
    • Run your hands down his/her neck.
    • Rub his/her back. Give him a little massage. Light circles also are fun.
    • Pull each other closer. Give each other a little squeeze.
    • Touch his/her stomach or chest.
    • Trace your hands along his/her waistline. (Be careful with this one. If you hands go near his/her hip line, you may just end up turning him/her on. If you want to do that then use this at will, otherwise watch your hands a little.)
    • If you liked the above, push up his/her shirt a little bit and continue lightly grazing his/her skin with your fingers.
    • If his/her arm is at his/her side, slide your arm under his/hers and hold his/her forearm or hand.
    • Simply leaning is a great way to start snuggling. Lay your head on his/her shoulder if he/she can hold the weight comfortably.
    • If a guy asks you to snuggle, you are definitely on his radar. If a girl asks you to snuggle she is looking to move forward with/in a relationship.
  • It's even okay to drape one leg over his/hers if your relationship is solid enough that you expect his/her attention.
    • Even if you aren't sure about putting your legs on his/hers try to play footsies and see if he/she is receptive to that.
  • Some great things to have during a cuddle session are snacks! Bring some popcorn, Chex mix, or even chocolate covered cherries!
  • When sitting next to each other rest your legs over his/hers or sit on his/her lap, or allow your date to rest his/her legs over yours or sit on your lap. Resting your head on his/her chest or shoulder is very comfy!


  • Don't push your way in there. Snuggling requires you to have already broken the touch barrier. If you can't hold hands, snuggling is probably not going to happen.
  • Guys only apply this to a girl they actually like. Girls use this to get closer to a guy that she likes. Never play with a guy's or a girl's feelings, especially if it's because you want to make someone else jealous. It never ends well.
  • Know your limits. Snuggling is very intimate and often leads to other more physical things. Don't let him/her push you to where you aren't comfortable, and don't push him/her to where he/she isn't comfortable.
  • If you don't think you're ready to try all (or some) of this, don't worry. Wait until you're ready - then you can really enjoy it all.
  • Don't hurt the guy. And don't let him hurt you. Everyone has their squeeze limit.

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