How to Snipe in Xbox Games

Having a hard time sniping? Here's some small tips and strategies that'll help you with sniping.


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    Know your guns and how it works. in games shooting games like GRAW 2, Call of Duty 4, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, etc., all of the guns have certain pros and cons. Some guns are more accurate and others more powerful. Some shoot quicker or have less recoil. So choose based on what you want to do. and remember, it's not likely that every kill is going to be one shot so don't just choose the most powerful gun.
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    Know the map. Take time to walk around the map on your own and find out where the hiding spots are and how to move around the map without being seen.
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    Choose a sniping spot. When looking for a sniping spot, there are 3 major things to consider. They are: line of sight, protection, and escape. Try to balance them out to find the best spot. Line of sight is how much of the map can you see and be able to fire upon. Protection is whether or not people easily see you. Escape routes are places that you can safely run to if you think you have been spotted.
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    Use your team to your advantage. If your playing a team game then you need to use them. You can tell your team to attract the other players so all of you can shoot at them. Your teammates can also charge a group while you snipe at a different angle.
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    Your Profile. by this I don't mean if you have a cool name or picture I'm talking about the size of a target you make. In most games there are 3 profiles, standing, crouching, and prone. Each has it's advantage in mobility, accuracy, and profile size. Ideally you want to be prone when firing but sometimes you will have to crouch or stand to get a better view. Just remember that you won't be able to move quite as well since you'll either have to stand up or crawl to get out of there.


Don't get too distracted by sniping the whole time. Make sure that someone isn't sneaking up behind you once in a while.


  • Unless you have enough experience with your sniper, don't try to snipe when you're close to other enemies.

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