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Two Methods:Using the WindowUsing Your Pockets

One of the most annoying things about being a kid is that you want independence but are not permitted much. Sometimes you just want to swallow a little with a bag of Snickers. If Mom only made sugarless Jello for dessert, maybe it's time to sneak candy into your room when you just need that extra something after dinner, especially for those of us who like to pull all nighters.

Method 1
Using the Window

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    Buy the candy. Bring a moderately large amount of money (10$ or so) and walk up to a close-by shop. Your parents will be glad you are going out and getting fresh air, so you can most likely go easily.
    • Buy quite a lot of candy, so you don't have to walk all the time, and place it in a bag or maybe a rucksack.
    • Make sure you get a piece of "proof" candy like a pack of gum to show your parents. They will only get suspicious if you say you bought nothing.
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    Bring it home. If you leave your window slightly open before you leave and it's on the ground floor, you can slip your candy through there then go through the front door in case they ask to look in your bag.
    • Or, you can just go to your room as soon as you walk through the door, slip your bag under your bed then go out and talk to your parents. Offer them some of the proof candy.
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    Eat it. For your health, try to not eat it all in one go, and brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards.
    • Make sure to scatter the candy in different parts around your room so they don't find a huge batch of it.
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    • Don't close the door of your bedroom when you eat your candy, because they will get suspicious; just find a corner where you aren't visible from the doorway, or go under your sheets and say you were cold.
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    Do not do this too often or to extremes. It is tempting, but should only be used occasionally and to a small degree.

Method 2
Using Your Pockets

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    Wear a jacket with lots of pockets. This will give you lots of hiding places for your candy. It's even better if the jacket has pockets on the inside, as your parents won't be able to spot the bulges from the candy so easily.
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    Get the candy. Wear the jacket to a store or your kitchen and once you have the candy, quickly slip it into your hidden pocket and close the zip.
    • If you got a receipt from the store, make sure to throw it away so your parents don't find it!
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    Pretend you need to go to the bathroom. Once the candy is safely hidden and you arrive home, tell your parents that you really need to go to the bathroom -- no time to take your jacket off!
    • Then, run to your room and quickly remove the candy from the hidden pocket. Put it somewhere safe, like in your pillowcase or in your underwear drawer.
    • Don't forget to actually go to the bathroom -- if you don't your parents will know you were lying and up to no good! For best results, flush the toilet as if you did go and turn the sink tap on for a bit as if you're washing your hands.
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    Eat the candy in secret. Wait until a good moment before you go back to eat the candy -- like when your parents are asleep or entertaining visitors, then they won't be checking in on you!
    • Just be sure to clean your face before you see them again, you don't want any tell-tale signs of chocolate or stickiness on your face!


  • Don't move too fast past your parents. If you run, they'll probably know something's up.
  • Be careful that your parents don't see candy wrappers in your room; throw them out in the main trash, best if it is a trashcan with a lid and you place something (even just a slightly rumpled paper towel) over top so it doesn't catch their eyes.
  • Remember the scattering method of hiding candy.
  • The proof candy is most important.
  • Make sure that you have a few different spots so that your parents can't find it.
  • Make sure to eat it all!
  • If your parents aren't nosy, hide it under your pillows.
  • If your parents start too get suspicious, start too act like that you think they are acting weird. Make this face.
  • Don't hide anything that will melt easily if you live in a warmer climate. A melted candy bar is an easy giveaway.
  • If you have a dresser, hide it under there. It will be nice to have that around to sneak a bite. And if you have and electronic toothbrush and don't want to make a lot of noise, just take a little toothpaste and swish it around your mouth. Your parents will never know.
  • Don't get anything that will melt or go bad and start to smell!
  • If you want to secretly eat your candy when you go to sleep, slip it in your pillowcase.
  • Don't let your younger siblings know. You can share it with them if you'd like, because if you give them some, chances are, they won't tell on you.
  • If you have a snack shack at your school, buy stuff from there. Not only are you doing it when your parents aren't around, but you can also hide it in your backpack or book bag! But try and control yourself, sometimes "just one piece" can lead to a large amount not surviving the trip back!
  • Sneak the candy in places that aren't practical, so no one would actually search that certain place.


  • If they find it hidden, be prepared for some trouble, unless you have very nice parents.
  • Candy attracts ants and cockroaches, which is the primary reason candy usually isn't allowed in bedrooms anyway.
  • Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. See the related article on how to brush your teeth late at night without your parents finding out.
  • If your parents find out, don't panic. Just say that you weren't going to eat it all at once, because most likely you weren't.
  • You are less likely to get caught if there isn't any candy in your house, but if you are careful you can still pull it off.
  • Wrap candy wrappers in tissue paper so they will be hard to find.
  • Sneaking candy isn't always a good idea, as it's harder to enjoy it when you're anxious about being caught.
  • If you smile when walking past your parents, you will be caught.
  • Eating too much candy is unhealthy.

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