How to Smoke In Your Room Without Getting Caught

Three Methods:Making a SploofContaining the SmokeRemoving the Smell

Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can be made even more difficult if you live with people who don't like smoking in the house. Smoke tends to cling to whatever material it touches, giving off an unpleasant and obvious odor. However there are a few ways that you can try to cover up the smell of smoke and still enjoy smoking indoors.

Method 1
Making a Sploof

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    Gather your materials. A sploof is a tube capped with a dryer sheet that will turn the smell of your smoke into the smell of fresh laundry. The first step in building your sploof will require you to gather the necessary materials. Collect the following items to build your sploof:[1]
    • Find a cardboard tube or PVC tube. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll works fine.
    • Dryer sheets will be used to absorb and cover up the smell of the smoke.
    • Grab something to attach the dryer sheets or a sock to the end of the tube. Rubber bands will work great for this.
    • Some recommend adding activated carbon to your sploof. This can be found at pet stores.
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    Build your sploof. After you have gathered the materials needed to build your sploof it's time to assemble it. Building your sploof in a certain way will allow you to exhale the smoke through it and cover up the smell of the smoke. Follow these simple steps to build your sploof.[2]
    • Grab about three dryer sheets and cover one end of the cardboard tube with them.
    • Secure the dryer sheets in place by putting a rubber band around them.
    • Fill the length of the tube with the rest of the dryer sheets you have.
    • You can also add the activated carbon to your tube at this point.
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    Exhale through the sploof. Now that your sploof has been created it's time to put it to use. Whenever you want to smoke exhale through the sploof. Whatever smoke passes through the dryer sheets will come out smelling fresh, covering up the smell of your smoking.[3]
    • Always exhale through the sploof, pushing the smoke through the dryer sheets.
    • Change your dryer sheets if you notice their scent fading.
    • It's likely that some smoke will not pass through the sploof so take care to cover up the smoke in other ways as well.

Method 2
Containing the Smoke

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    Keep the smoke contained. Part of covering up the smell of smoke will involve keeping it contained. If the smoke drifts out of your room there is a chance that someone will smell it. Make sure any place smoke could escape through is completely covered up before smoking in your room.
    • If you have any vents in your room cover them with a towel.
    • Cracks under your door can release smoke from your room. These can be covered with a towel as well.
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    Use air fresheners. Although the smell of smoke can be quite strong, introducing other scents in your room can help cover smoke up. These air fresheners won't likely remove the smell of smoke but they will make it less obvious. Review some of the following scents you can use to help mask the scent of smoke in your room:[4]
    • Deodorizing sprays will work best to cover up the smell of smoke in your room.
    • Air fresheners or scented air sprays can help mask the smell of smoke.
    • Burning incense can make the smell of other smoke less distinct.
    • Don't overuse them as this can actually cause people to become suspicious.
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    Clean yourself up. Although you may have kept the smell of smoke out of the air in your bedroom it will likely still cling to you. The smoky smell can stick to your hands, hair, and clothes and will be noticeable on your breath. Even if your room doesn't smell like smoke you should still make sure you yourself don't smell like it before going out.[5]
    • Wash your hands after smoking.
    • Make sure your clothes don't smell like smoke. If your clothes smell consider changing them.
    • Your breath will likely smell like smoke. Use mouth wash, brush your teeth, or at least eat a mint before leaving your room.
    • You may want to shower after having a smoke to get the smell out of your hair.
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    Switch to e-cigarettes or vaporizers. Cigarettes give of a highly noticeable smell that can get you caught if you are smoking indoors. Switching to vaporizers or e-cigarettes can remove the smell of smoke, allowing you to smoke indoors without much worry of being discovered.[6]
    • Many vaporizers are odorless or will have a much different scent than smoke.

Method 3
Removing the Smell

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    Use ventilation to your advantage. While it is a good idea to plug up any areas you don't want the smoke to escape from, you may want to send the smoke in another direction. By using ventilation that you think is safe you can keep most of the smoke out of your room and away from anyone else who might smell it.[7]
    • Keep your window open and smoke out of it.
    • Ceiling vents will usually have a fan that will pull the smoke up and out of the room.
    • Make sure your smoke won't accidentally get carried into another room or near another open window.
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    Keep your room clean. Smoke clings to everything it touches and can remain there for a long while. The longer your room smells like smoke the greater the chances of being discovered are. Keep your room as clean as you can in order to reduce the amount of cigarette smoke particles that might linger.
    • Wash your walls with a non-abrasive and all-purpose cleaner.[8]
    • Keep carpets clean using carpet cleaners and deodorization products. Vacuum the floor after you've used these products.[9]
    • Baking soda can be applied to furniture and then vacuumed up to remove odor.[10]
    • Always remove old cigarette butts from your room. Even after being smoke they can still give off a powerful odor.[11]
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    Try using air purifiers. Although many air purifiers and filters won't be able to fully remove or contain the smell of smoke, they can help reduce it. Try using these air filters to reduce the amount of cigarette particles in your room and cut down on the strength of the odor.
    • Ionizing and HEPA filters work best.[12]
    • Plants are natural air filters and will constantly be working to clean the air in your room.[13]


  • Using a sploof can be a simple method of covering up the smell of smoke.
  • Make sure your clothes, hands, and breath don't smell like smoke before leaving your room.
  • Cover up any areas where smoke might escape your room.
  • Consider switching to a vaporizer or e-cigarette.

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