How to Smoke and Not Smell

This is a guide on how to smoke without reeking like it afterwards. Here, you can find a bunch of different tips into something that actually works.


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    First of all, lets go over what smells the most: Hair, clothes, body, breath, and hands. You can eliminate all of these if you try hard enough.
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    For the hair: Wear a hat that you can deodorize, or pull your hair back. if neither of these are possible, just try to keep your hair out of the smoke. After smoking, use spray deodorant or citrus spray or something to mask the smell (but don't over-do it)
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    For clothes, the best thing to do is to have a change of clothes, but you can't always do that. Remove any jackets or scarves or anything you can, so they don't absorb the smoke. After smoking you can use dryer sheets or an odor eliminator spray to remove the smell. Febreze works best because it neutralizes odor instead of masking it.
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    Believe it or not your body doesn't smell as much as you might think (at least from the smoke :P). Really there isn't much you can do about it except showering, or using lotion/deodorant.
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    For your breath, obviously you want to use mints or gum. Again, don't over-do it because it can be obvious your hiding something (sometimes you can be tricked into thinking you smell when its just your breath, because your mouth and nose are connected)
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    Smokers know that hands smell, and often times that's the first place they check. Use a piece of paper or a wrapper or something to keep any part of the object being smoked from touching your hand. The smell is especially transferred when inhaling.
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    Finally, USE A SPLOOF! If you don't know what that is, it's a toilet paper tube or any tube filled with lots of dryer sheets. You exhale through this device and the smoke leaves it with a fresh scent.


  • Delete the history on your computer of visiting this page
  • It helps to eat or drink afterwards, to wash away the smell
  • Don't hide smokeables in obvious places such as sock drawers, etc.
  • Get a zippo for sweet style points.


  • Smoking is really dangerous for your health.

Things You'll Need

  • Smokeables
  • lighter
  • hat
  • febreze
  • sploof
  • mints/gum
  • optional change of clothes
  • optional extra dryer sheets

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