How to Smell Just Right for a Girl

Girls' tastes in guy smells vary greatly from girl to girl. This article will help you learn how to smell right for the girl you've got your eye on.


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    There are a few ways to approach this first step. One is to ask a girl what kind of perfume she is wearing or what kind of soap/shampoo she uses, if you like it. Chances are, if she likes this smell on herself, she will like a similar (more masculine) smell on you. Depending on where you're shopping, somebody from that department can give you a few suggestions on similar scents. Another way is simply to ask the girl's best friend what kind of smells she (the girl) likes. Be aware that this can backfire, as the best friend may tell the girl you asked, and that is a somewhat obvious sign that you're interested. However, if you are a shy guy, you may prefer not to have to tell her yourself and this method can kill two birds with one stone.
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    If you prefer not to do that, or if you are allergic to colognes, it’s probably best to see how she likes the smell you have now. Does she breathe deeper when you’re around? If you’re comfortable being physically close or hugging, does she sigh through her nose or bury her face in your neck, shoulder, shirt, or hair? If yes to any, chances are she likes the way you smell. If not, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t, but some obvious turn-off signs include avoiding physical contact (though this may also be a sign that she’s not interested in you), pulling quickly away from hugs, or moving slightly away when you’re near her (unless you’re invading her personal space), etc. In this case, you may want to try different soaps. Irish Spring is usually pretty good, relatively inexpensive, and the different kinds appeal to a wide variety of girls.
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    If you're sweating a lot, consider to shower everyday, use deodorant with antiperspirant, change your clothes often, and use some eau de toilette regularly.


  • In general, try not to go too synthetic, strong, or sweet. Most girls like muted, natural scents they can inhale during an embrace or just in general without getting a chemical headache.
  • Trying to find the right smell for the right girl is difficult and what works for one girl may not work for another. Once you find a scent she sort-of-seems-to-like, stay in that general ballpark. Going too far to the opposite end of the spectrum can turn her off immediately.
  • Try each different smell at least three times and make note of her general reaction to each.
  • Do not douse yourself with cologne. Wash every day with soap that smells good. If you must wear cologne, use a very small amount.
  • Another good way to find out a smell a girl likes is to ASK her! Can be nerve wracking, but the least expensive, easiest, most hassle-free way to find out with least chance for mistake.
  • At first, try several very different kinds of smells until you find the aforementioned ballpark. Trial and error, my friend.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not use colognes. That would be breaking the above rule of synthetic and/or strong. Almost all colognes break that rule, so use different kinds of soap. Like said before, Irish Spring is usually universally pleasing – usually results in a muted woodsy smell.
  • Remember, girls have very varied tastes in scents, just as they have varied tastes in kissing techniques, looks, etc. It’s mostly about trial and error, but once you find the right one, it’ll be so worth it. Usually just one sniff of that one smell she really likes, and her head will spin and she’ll lose concentration for a few seconds.
  • Many girls actually despise the smell of popular colognes such as Axe or Tag. Not only is it a generic smell, it makes you smell like chemicals. Yuck! No girl wants to inhale a cloud of tear gas when hugging a guy or going in for a first (or just regular) kiss.


  • Note that interpreting body language can be somewhat more risky than just asking the girl or her friends. If you interpret wrong, you could spend needless amounts of time and money searching in the wrong places.
  • Some girls are very allergic to strong colognes. Just another of many reasons not to use them, but if you do, be VERY AWARE of this distinct possibility.

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