How to Slack Off During Your Final Year in College and Still Succeed

As a final year college student, it isn't all about heads down and worrying about your future. Indeed, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't have at least some memories of times spent slacking off during your final year. Not that it's suggested that you mill about lazily all year long, especially not as those exams loom close, but there are quite a few things you can do to prolong the less industrious side of student-hood and gain yourself a bit more time for sleep, beer, football watching and perhaps some more beer.


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    Schedule all classes after noon if possible. Do your best to avoid taking a class before lunch. This rule may apply to your entire college career but it's even more important during the final year. Not only can you justify it on the grounds that you spent all night... studying... but you might be able to find those professors who prefer late afternoon and evening lectures and tutorials too. Put it this way––you're going to be getting up to work for the man everyday at 5am or 6am for the rest of your life. Now is the last great opportunity to sleep in and bask in the afterglow of slack.
    • A number of courses try to accommodate full-timer workers who can only make evening classes. Possibly these are the ones you should be aiming for too.
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    If you can't be bothered attending a particular lecture or group of lectures, make a copy of another student's notes. This maneuver may take a certain level of charm on your behalf (and legal bribery), but is well worth it if you can pull it off. Even better though is if you're in a class where the lecturer records the lectures for YouTube or iTunes––that way you don't have to con anyone into feeding you their hard-won notes.
    • Identify an eager student in your class and befriend the student. Sit next to him or her during every class for first term. By second term, start giving vague reasons for your need to be absent (doctor's appointments are good or a story that you have difficulty writing the notes due to a hand injury sustained in a terrible motorcycle accident...) and because you're already firm friends, you can tug on their allegiance to you to get their notes. Keep it cool and at least buy them a drink now and then to reciprocate (and make it dinner for going beyond the call of duty).
    • Even better, tee up absenteeism between you. You do lectures they hate, they do lectures you hate. That way, you can share the load and get time off. How cool is that!
    • You'll be busted if attendance forms part of the course marks. It's a little hard to send in a doppelganger, especially a doppelganger who has read the week's work and can answer coherently. Obviously, use your common sense here.
    • When revising, refer to your class recordings as well as the other student’s notes before exam time, which together should form a neat, comprehensive study guide that you didn’t have to write out.
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    Attend the lecture with a recording device in hand. Even though you're recording the lecture, absolutely try to listen to what the professor says. While listening to what your professor says may go against the code of laziness, it will be to your benefit come exam time because it sticks in your mind without too much trouble. Often, being present is better than reading reams of notes. And if you are on the bleary side of listening, the recording is your back-up device.
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    Review and revise smartly. Instead of leaving it all to cramming or writing at the last minute, do a little every day. Carry notes around with you for those wasted moments like standing at the bar waiting to order a drink or waiting for a taxicab back to campus. With small note card prompts or eReader notes, you could be revising instead of standing about idly, so make the most of every single opportunity, including when watching your clothes dry in the local laundromat.
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    Learn how to make the most of sleep when you can snatch it rather than the routine 7-8 hours. While it is important to sleep soundly, there are going to be times when your sleep schedule is interrupted by parties, cramming and getting that experiment finished before your supervisor works out you've done zilch on it so far... In this case, make the most of napping and sleeping during lectures.
    • Sleep with your eyes open. This is more like meditating but it lets you look as if you're paying attention, all the while catching up on some zzz's during a dull lecture. Mastering this feat will provide you with numerous opportunities to catch up on sleep.
      • Find a focal point in the room and stare directly at the item. Allow yourself to go into a meditative state and relax your mind and body.
      • Try to block out any sounds or activity around you.
      • Prop your head up by resting it on your hand or relax it into the back of your chair.
      • Zone out. Don’t go completely into a REM state of sleep, but simply zone out. Be aware of drooling, farting or even subconscious talking, which could get you busted and totally embarrassed.
    • The other beneficial way of catching up on sleep is to nap during the day, around midday. Don't sleep later 1pm though or it can interfere with your ability to go to sleep at night. Twenty minutes to an hour can refresh you for the remainder of the day. Churchill used to nap at around lunchtime for an hour during his war premiership years, enabling him to stay awake until 2am every morning and still get up early. This sort of thing might work in fantastically with your busy yet slack schedule.
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    Don't spend too much time on food prep. Either choose to eat in the campus cafe a lot (go for the healthier meals) or find cheap take outs in the local area. In your room, stock up on two minute noodles and buy fresh veggies to add to them. Eat lots of fruit; this has the beauty of being something you can tote and eat anywhere without cooking and it's good for you.
    • Have a snack cupboard stocked up for quick grabbing. Refill it once a week to save constant excuses for wandering off to the store during the week, which will waste time.
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    Wear your clothes more than once. Washing clothes can chew up hours. Restore this time for more interesting pursuits by wearing as much as you can. Wear all clothes at least twice, with the exception of underwear (which can be washed as you shower anyway). T-shirts and shirts can be worn at least twice before washing, and pants (trousers), shorts, skirts and dresses can be worn many days before washing is needed. The tighter and less breathable the item, the more often it needs washing, while the looser and more breathable it is, the more wear it can withstand, so buy wisely! Ways to keep your clothing smelling fresh include:
    • Use deodorant every day. As annoying as that sounds, it’s easier to slap on a little Speed Stick than have to actually go through the process of taking off the shirt and finding a new one.
    • Apply liberal amounts of fabric air freshener to your entire body every single day. Febreeze has some nice scents that are good for both your clothing and the nasty smelling couch. Don't do this if you're worried about what chemicals are in such fabric air fresheners though––they're not made for direct human contact.
    • Wipe food stains off your shirt and pants the moment they happen. Spray stains immediately with either Spray and Wash or you can dip a napkin in your club soda and vodka drink and dab it on whatever is oozing all over your shirt. This may sound nitpicking but the time saved on an item of clothing rescued from a stain can be well worth the effort (let alone the fact you get to keep the item longer).


  • Sleep as often as possible. Your senior year of college may be the last time you will be able to get some really good, quality sleep. Weekend mornings, in particular, should be blacked out for sleeping in.
  • Never reveal your goal of being lazy at college to friends or family. If they find out how fun it is to waste time and lay around, they may try to join you in your quest. If you're using anyone to do your dirty work (like clean the house, do your laundry and get your food), be as mysterious as possible or they'll kick drop their help immediately.


  • If you've chosen a major in a discipline you can't abide, this is the year when everything will fall apart and being slack won't salvage a bad choice. Perhaps it's time to reassess while you're still young enough to make a sensible change. Don't use slackness as a way of avoiding making tough decisions about your future; it will only prolong the inevitable.
  • While the desire to skip classes would be in line with your slack attitude, avoid missing any lectures. You could do poorly in the class, which will get busted by your parents.

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