How to Skimboard on a Wave

When skimboarding on a wave, you feel the rush of surfing, but pay the price of buying a skimboard. It may be tough to master at first, but later you probably be doing pop shove its and aerial tricks. A skimboard is a smaller and rounder version of a surfboard. It is usually single tipped but can be double tipped for aerial tricks. Skimboarding is increasingly popular but is still a small sport.


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    Make sure you have a "foamie" and not a "woody". Foamies are designed for riding waves, lighter, but cost more. Woodies are wooden fiberglass boards which are predominantly made for sand skimming, but if you cannot get a foamie, they will suffice.
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    Know that when you have your board, find a beach that you can is best for skimboarding. You want a beach where the waves break close to shore and has a steep bank down near the water.
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    Wait until you have found a good beach, then get out your board and approach the water. Stand about ten feet away from the water and be prepared to throw down your board.
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    Understand that right after a wave breaks, start running towards the water. Do not flat out sprint because you will fall off when you get on the board if you are a beginner.
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    Look to see when a thin film of water is on the sand, throw down the board. Don't throw it away from you, throw it down so you will run on to it in stride. Run onto it with your back leg first, then your front foot. Do not "jump" onto the board because it will break the surface tension of the water, slow you down, and cause you to sink faster. Keep all of your weight on your back leg so you glide into the water, instead of plowing through it.
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    Know that if you have run onto your board successfully, you will be approaching a developing wave. If it has not started to break yet you have three options. Option one is to hit the wave straight on a perform and aerial trick. Option two is to perform a wrap or a barrel wrap. Option three is to turn to the left or right (depending on which way the wave is breaking) and come back to shore.
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    Have fun!


  • Wax your board with surfers wax by criss-crossing it across the board
  • Try to skim away from rocks and people
  • Kick sand at the bottom of your board for stabilization
  • Pricing for good foamies go from 120-170 dollars
  • Pricing for good woodies go from 40-80 dollars
  • Don't skim in the dark or when a lifeguard is not on duty


  • Performing aerial tricks is very dangerous and your board can land on you
  • It is possible to paralyze yourself or die while skimboarding but is highly unlikely
  • You may lose your board if you do not find it at the most one minute after a fall

Things You'll Need

  • Foamie (Woody is okay)
  • Surfboard wax
  • A beach with sand
  • Water
  • Close breaking waves

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