How to Sign up for Uber

Three Methods:Riding With UberDriving For UberReferring Friends to Ride with Uber

To sign up for Uber's ridesharing service as a passenger, download the Uber app from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and create an account. To become an Uber driver, visit Uber’s user-friendly website to start the signup and verification process. Whether you want to catch a ride or do the driving, we’ll help you get on the road.

Method 1
Riding With Uber

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    Download the free Uber app.[1] To get started with Uber, visit the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and search for “Uber.” Tap “Install” or “Free” to install the app. For more tips on installing apps, see this guide for iPhone or this guide for Android.
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    Create an account. Tap “Register” to start the registration process. Enter your full name, email address, mobile phone number, and a password to use for signing into Uber. Click “Next” when you’re ready.
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    Enter your payment information. Enter your credit card number information in the fields provided, or sign up using PayPal by tapping the PayPal button. If you choose PayPal, you’ll be prompted to log into PayPal and authorize Uber. Tap “Agree” to link PayPal with Uber.
    • After taking an Uber trip, the company will automatically deduct the ride cost from the default payment method.
    • You can update your payment information later by expanding the app menu and browsing to “Payment.” There, you’ll be able to add or remove credit cards and/or PayPal accounts.
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    Type the verification code. Uber automatically texts a 4-digit verification code to your phone number. Type the code into the field to officially link your phone number with your Uber account.
    • If you don’t receive a confirmation code, tap the “resend” button to have it sent to you once again via text message. When you receive the code, type it into the code field.
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    Book a ride. You’re all signed up for Uber and ready to start using the service immediately. To book a ride, open the Uber app on your smartphone and set your current location for a pickup.
    • Uber lets you select a vehicle and get an estimate of the fare before reserving your ride. For more detailed information on making your first reservation, see How to Hire an Uber Car.

Method 2
Driving For Uber

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    Visit Uber’s Website in your web browser. Complete this step from a web browser, not the Uber smartphone app.
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    Click “Become a Driver.” Click the button that says “Become a Driver” at the top right corner of the screen.
    • To drive for Uber, you must be 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license, insurance and a legally registered car.
    • it's good idea to have these documents handy, as you’ll need them to sign up as an Uber driver.
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    Enter your personal information. Enter your full name, email address, city, mobile phone number, and zip code. You'll also be prompted to create a password for the account.
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    Select a type of car from the dropdown list. Click the down arrow next to “What type of vehicle will you drive?” to choose an option, then click “Next.”
    • Select “Personal vehicle” if you are using your own car.
    • Select “Taxi or livery” if you have a commercial driver’s license and drive a taxi.
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    Enter your vehicle information.[2] To drive your car for Uber, it must meet certain criteria. Currently, it must be a 2001 model or newer (some locations have different year requirements), have 4 doors, and not have a salvaged title. The actual criteria for your city or state will appear on this screen. Click Continue if you meet the criteria.
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    Enter your social security number. If you’re not in the United States, you’ll be prompted to enter your country’s nationwide identification number. Uber will use this number to perform a background check. Uber does not check your credit or share your data with others. Type the number in the spaces provided, then click Continue. Agree to the terms of the background check on the next page, then click Continue again.
    • You won’t pass the Uber background check if you’ve had DUI/drug offenses.
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    Upload a photo of your driver’s license. Move to a well-lit area and use your smartphone camera to take a photo of your valid driver’s license. Once you’ve saved a clear photo, click “Upload Photo” and navigate to the photo on your phone or computer.
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    Get your car inspected. Once your photo has uploaded, the next step is to have an Uber-approved inspector verify that your car meets the eligibility criteria. A list of inspection locations will appear, along with links to receive turn-by-turn directions.
    • You can also choose to use another certified mechanic, but you’ll have to print out your own Uber inspection form.
    • To print the form, visit and sign in as a driver. When asked “Have you completed your vehicle inspection?” click “YES” (even if you haven’t). Click “Download inspection form,” to save it to your computer for future printing. Bring it to your mechanic and they'll help you fill it out.
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    Sign in to your Uber Driver account. Open the Uber website in your web browser and click the “Sign In” link at the top of the screen. Select “Driver Sign In” from the options, then log in using your e-mail address and Uber password.
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    Upload your Vehicle Inspection Form. A pop-up will appear, asking whether you’ve completed your inspection. Click “Yes,” then “Browse” to navigate to the photo or scanned inspection form.
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    Upload images of your insurance card, registration card, and business license (if required by your city or state). Snap good-quality photos of your insurance cards. You’ll first be prompted to upload image of your insurance card, then your registration, and finally your business license.
    • San Francisco CA, Portland OR, and Las Vegas NV all require that Uber drivers acquire business licenses.
    • To find out if your city requires a business license to drive for Uber, call your city’s revenue division.
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    Download the Uber app. Choose between iPhone and Android to send a download link directly to your smartphone. The link will launch your phone’s app store, where you’ll download it as you would any other app.
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    Watch the Welcome video. Once you’ve finished uploading your documents, click Play on the Welcome video to learn more about driving with Uber, including information about using the app.
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    Check the mail.[3] Uber will verify all of your information and send you an approval. If approved, you’ll receive a welcome kit containing all of the information you’ll need to get on the road, including an Uber sticker for your windshield. This process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on demand.

Method 3
Referring Friends to Ride with Uber

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    Sign into your Uber account.[4] You can refer friends, family, and people you're connected with on social media to ride with Uber by sharing your personal referral code. Once your friend signs up for Uber, they’ll get their first ride for free. And once they take that first free ride, you will also get a free Uber ride of the same amount. You’ll need to have already signed up for Uber as a rider to use this method.
    • The people you refer to Uber cannot already have accounts with Uber. They’ll need to create a new account with your referral code in order for you both to benefit from this program.
    • The dollar amount of the free ride credit varies by area, but is usually about $10-15 toward a ride.
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    Click “Free Rides” on your dashboard. You’ll be brought to a new page that contains your personal Uber rider referral code (a combination of letters and numbers), as well as a several different methods of sharing it with others.
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    Click “Email Invite” to share your referral code by e-mail. Clicking the button will open a new email composition window. The offer information (including the amount of free driving credit) will automatically appear in the message box. Type your friend’s email address into the “To:” field, then press “Send.” The person you refer should then click your link so you are both given referral credit.
    • If on the Uber desktop site (not the mobile app), the email button will say "Send It".
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    Click "Text Invite" to share your referral code by text. Selecting this opens your native text client. Select a recipient and send your code to a friend!
    • Texting your link is not possible from Uber's desktop site.
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    Select "Share on social media" to choose from your phone's social apps. Selecting an app will automatically port you to that app with the Uber referral link already pasted into a new message / update.
    • Uber's desktop site has buttons for both Facebook and Twitter which will then prompt you to log in and share your link.
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    On desktop, click “Get your invite link” to view your link without sending it elsewhere. Once you click the button, you’ll see your entire Uber referral link. You can write it down, copy and paste it into your blog, or text it to friends. Anyone who clicks on the link and signs up for Uber will receive the promotion.


  • For an up-to-date list of cities where Uber operates, visit
  • If Uber is not available in your city, look into other services like Lyft and Flywheel.

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