wikiHow to Shut a Door Quietly

Two Methods:Door with handleDoor with a mortice lock but no handle

Closing a door without a resounding slam is a tricky process, one that can take a lifetime to master. Some people are born with the innate ability to close a door quietly, while others can't seem to grasp the concept. This guide is for that latter type. It will take you through each step of closing a door quietly.

Method 1
Door with handle

  1. Image titled Grasp the door handle Step 1
    Grasp the door handle. Do not yet begin pulling.
  2. Image titled Turn the knob Step 2
    Turn the knob or push the handle so that the latch recedes completely into the door.
  3. Image titled Pull the door Step 3
    Pull the door gently closed, finishing slowly so that it doesn't pound against the frame.
  4. Image titled Latch is in line Step 4
    Once it is in the proper position, pull it into the frame firmly to make sure the latch is in line with the slot.
  5. Image titled Slowly ease the door knob Step 5
    Slowly ease the doorknob or handle back to its starting position.
  6. Image titled Close the door Step 6
    Be sure that when you close the door, Make sure it is closed the same way it was before.

Method 2
Door with a mortice lock but no handle

  1. Image titled 222645 7.
    Insert the key in the lock.
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    Turn the key until the bolt is no longer visible.
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    Place your foot just inside the door frame.
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    Using the key, pull the door until the door comes to rest against your toe.
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    Still using the key, pull the door whilst using your foot to control the door.
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    When door is firmly against the frame, turn the key until the bolt is released.
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    Extract the key. With practice, this method will add 8 seconds to closing the door, but it has the added benefit of making sure you never close the door the with your keys left in your apartment.


  • Push upwards a bit to avoid creaking hinges.
  • Remember: closing squeaky doors slowly actually makes them squeak more! It's easier just to pull it through in one quick motion.
  • The key is practice--try this with every door you come across. Don't wait until you absolutely have to be able to close a door without making any noise to perfect your technique.
  • While opening the door block the opening you make with your body to prevent light from escaping if being seen is also a concern.
  • When it's dark--grasp the handle overhand with just your fingers so that your thumb can wrap over the edge of the door. This will allow you to feel the frame as you close, allowing you to close the door quickly but then slow down before it hits the inner frame.
  • Intoxication (with alcohol or other substances) may hamper the ability to close doors quietly. Give extra effort to get it right, even if you can't see straight.
  • If in a hurry, door-shutting-quietly skills can be diminished. Take consideration of the door when rapidly passing through to shut door quietly. The process will take a bit more time - perhaps an extra split or whole second. Account for this while expediting one's tour through the door.


  • Quietly opening a door may lead to others going through the door and possibly running into you. Be sure to balance speed with noise-limitation.

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