How to Show Your Love for Animals

Animals are lovely creatures. However, sometimes we humans can feel we are more important. Then there are those of us who are completely "animal crazy". We can do lots of things to help animals, and this article has them all. Read the steps, tips and warnings and you should find yourself as an animal lover in no time.


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    Read books and magazines to find out all about an animals life, also there are lots of helpful things on the internet and you could ask your local bookstore if they have any animal encyclopedias. Spend a bit of time reading them, if you are a bookworm, you could read for the minimum of half an hour. If you are not, just look through the book and read the things that look interesting.
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    Go to the zoo. Sometimes you can learn things about animals too. Learn as much as you can about the plight of endangered species. Some endangered species include tigers, lions, polar bears, panda bears, many birds and even insects too.
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    Help animals that are abused or going extinct. Consider donating to any animal welfare causes, some of them are listed below.
    • Help dolphins because they are very endangered but very easy to help if you put your mind to it. They have many dangers including: Hunters, pollution, accidental deaths in fishing nets and many more. There are adopt a dolphin programs that let you give in money for the WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) and sometimes you can get a free dolphin fun pack. If you are young, your parents might not like the price, especially if they are not real animal lovers.
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    • Help dogs because they too are in trouble. You can sponsor a dog. Like the adopt a dolphin program, it gives you a free dog fun pack. The Dogs Trust program needs only 1 pound a month to care for dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, etc.
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    Save Wolves because, many people believe these animals are bloodthirsty, the folklore traveled for generations, and now wolves are almost instinct for too much hunting, while these animals are peaceful creatures and help the deer and elk population (by eating out the old and sick ones)but people don't believe. Luckily, Defenders of Wildlife has an 'Adopt a Wolf' where it will give you a 'Fun Pack'.
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    Start a club in school, at work, or with friends and neighbors you think will help.
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    Volunteer time at your local animal shelter even if you can't donate food or supplies. It's a great way to show you love animals and are willing to spend time with them to help. Even to make them feel confident that most people are just there to help them. They love all the attention they can get.
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    Get in touch with nature. For example; feed birds, squirrels, observe animals, and more.
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    Start an organization. You could have something simple like a garage sale and give the money to your local animal welfare center. Or, you could dance, sing, or do practically anything for people and earn money for it. Your animal shelter will appreciate it, even if it's just a couple dollars. It will someday make a difference in the lives of many animals who have to spend part -if not all- of their life in the pound. Also, you can adopt pets from the animal shelter instead of from a place where they bread them on purpose. There are so many strays that need homes and to be fixed. There's just not enough homes for them all.
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    Dress in clothing that has an animal theme. Show your love for animals by wearing clothes with cats, dolphins, or any animal on it. If you don't have any clothing like that, and if you can sew, make a shape of an animal onto your jeans. Just a simple little picture, believe or not, can make a huge difference to someone who is looking for people who care about animals.
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    If you find anyone around you harassing or annoying an animal, Stop them at once. Animal abuse is a crime, so always learn to respect the animals around you.
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    Consider going vegan/vegetarian. It's a great way to show your love for all animals.


  • Recycle to save polar bears or any other animal.
  • Have fun in school with subjects that include animals like geography and biology.
  • Keep a pet or two.
  • Even if you are allergic to an animal, it will really show your love if you still pet it and give it love.
  • If your friends are animal lovers too, give them animal themed gifts. Use your imagination.
  • Just because you love animals doesn't mean you have to forget about your other hobbies.
  • Go on hikes and observe the animals around you.
  • You may be interested in an animal-related career, like marine biology or zoology.
  • Collect a stuffed animal usually in the zoo gift shop or zoo online shop.
  • Adopt instead of buying from breeders! So many animals are euthanized each day because of over population and breeding. There are so many that don't have homes.
  • One of the best places to get animals are from shelters. When they have been to the shelter they are usually checked out by a vet and given shots, or you are given a slip to take to a vet for free services. Picking up strays from the streets is also tempting, but be aware that the animal may belong to someone, or be sick and you won't know it. Make sure to take an animal you've found on the street to the vet immediately to have it checked for an identification chip and to get any necessary shots and/or medications. Be very careful about picking up animals from the street, it can be dangerous. Shelters are truly a better place to go. The animals there are begging for good homes with caring people, unfortunately, many of them never get placed in a home and are euthanized instead.


  • Treat animals well and with common sense.
  • Never try to pet a domestic animal without first asking the owner.
  • Never take wild animals out of their habitat. They may be cute, but keeping a wild animal in your home is stressful to them, and they may attack.
  • Be wise to the laws. In some places, it's illegal to interact with certain animals or disturb them during mating season.
  • Never approach wild animals. This is essential; for example if you try to get too close to a raccoon, it could attack. This rule applies to most wild animals; including many birds! If you are bitten by a wild animal, go to the hospital immediately. Many wild animals carry dangerous diseases such as rabies.

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