How to Shop Well

When you go out to the mall, do you find yourself overwhelmed and confused?


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    Browse the shopping area, and look for a store that seems to echo your personal style.
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    Walk around the store and look for clothing you would like
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    Ask a worker about sales or popular looks.
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    Pick about some attractive-looking clothing
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    Go try the clothing on, if there is a dressing room. If not, find a mirror and hold the clothing up to see if it fits.
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    Make sure to look at any accessories or other items the store offers.
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    Bring your selected items to the front desk and purchase them.
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    Browse some other stores, and make sure to compare prices and quality for your next shopping trip!


  • If you continue shopping your items will be saved in your Shopping Cart so you can add more products. If you proceed to checkout you will be given a Sales Order Form to complete for processing your order. If your organization has a discount structure with MKS, it will be applied to your order.
  • You have a choice to purchase by credit card or purchase order. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped. Please make sure that your credit card limit will cover taxes and shipping charges. After you have filled out the form, click the "Click here to Order" button.
  • Some items require an MKS Applications Engineer to contact you to discuss product configurations. These items appear in the electronic catalog as requiring a quotation. Add them to your shopping cart in the usual way, then click "Request a Quote", fill out your relevant contact information and click "Click here to submit your RFQ." An MKS Applications Engineer will contact you.
  • Next you have to fill out the Tax Information Form. If you are an organization exempt from sales tax, please mail or fax MKS your tax exempt certificate (if it is not on file at MKS). If MKS does not have your tax exempt certificate on file, processing your order will take more time. After MKS has your tax exempt certificate, enter your seller's permit number and click "Submit". If you are subject to sales tax please fill out the form and click "Submit".
  • Shopping on the MKS website is easy and secure. Simply go to the Product Catalog or Buy Online and click on the links of products that you would like to order. When you get to the product configuration page just enter the quantity for each configuration and click "Add items to your Shopping Cart." You will then see your Shopping Cart and can "Proceed to Checkout", "Continue Shopping" or "Request a Quote."
  • You will then see your Sales Receipt with the order information that is being processed. Please print a copy of the receipt for your own records.


  • Lock the dressing room door.
  • If there isn't a price tag on something, ask an assistant.

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