How to Shop Properly

"George Washington had a vision for this country. Was it three days of uninterrupted shopping?"
-- Jeff Melvoin, Northern Exposure, Bolt from the Blue, 1994

If we are all going to shop so much, we might as well know how to do it right.


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    List the stores that you really want to visit and go to them first, don't stop in at a store just to look at something, that would be a waste of valuable shopping time! You can visit those stores when you're done at the stores you need to go to.
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    If you see something in a store that you want or need then buy it now. Don't wait and get it later because chances are, when you come back it will probably be gone, and another store won't have the exact same thing.
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    When you find something you like, try it on. This will save you the trouble of taking time to return something later---time that you could otherwise use for shopping.
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    Check the durability of your item. It is important to know how well it will last you.
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    Check washing instructions. You will want to factor into your buying decision whether you are going to need to have something dry cleaned, or whether you will have to hand wash the item.
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    Understand the vanity sizing system. Just because you're an 8 in one shirt doesn't mean you an 8 in every other shirt you buy, remember different designers have different size scales intended to make shoppers feel comfortable as the the population grows larger year by year.
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    If you have a hard time making decisions, it may be better for you to buy all of the items that fit and that you like. Then, go home, try them on and decide there which ones to keep. Trying on things you own, in your own home, gives you a whole different perspective that will let you see more clearly what you really need/like and what you don't.


  • Sales are usually scheduled for the back-to-school season and Christmas seasons.
  • Go to your favorite store frequently. This way you can see what's new and when there are sales.


  • NEVER buy anything a size too small, even if it's the hottest thing you've seen in your life. Buy well-fitting clothes.

Things You'll Need

  • A list of things to buy, this will keep your mind on track.
  • Your favorite stores.
  • Money... unless you're window shopping. But have some spare cash, just in case.

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