How to Shop for Fireplace Glass Doors

With energy costs soaring, many homeowners are frantically searching for ways to keep the cost down this next winter. One of the best ways to do this is to plug up one of the largest holes in your home—your fireplace—by installing fireplace glass doors. Not only will a set of glass doors prevent heat from escaping up the chimney, their addition will greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, thereby increasing its value. Several door styles are available with stove type gasket seals to further increase the airtight seal. Furthermore, ceramic glass can be added to allow the radiant heat of the fire to transfer into the room, increasing the fireplace's heating ability. Whether you choose to hire a mason or install the doors yourself to save even more, installation is generally simple and fast. However, choosing from a wide variety of materials and finishes (not to mention an extensive price range) can be a daunting task when it comes to shopping for the glass doors. Making a few simple decisions before shopping for the doors will make your purchase much smoother.


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    Consider your budget. Shoppers commonly wonder why there is such a broad price range for a simple pair of glass doors. In actuality, many factors affect the price of a set of doors. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their doors; others offer a limited warranty, if any. In addition, if your fireplace is an unusual size, a set of custom doors may have to be built to accommodate those dimensions and this option will generally be more expensive. Finally, the price will vary based on the materials used to build the doors. Anodized aluminum, for instance, will build a more affordable set of doors than solid brass. Consider your budget, and have a personal price range in mind before you shop.
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    Consider your preferences. Will your door set include a mesh screen? What type of door style do you prefer—cabinet or bi-fold? Would you enjoy the ease of a trackless door system? Don’t assume that all doors are created equal. If you’re concerned about fire safety with small children, invest in a set of doors with a screen. If space is limited on your hearth, look for bi-fold doors. While certain options add a little bit more to the cost, you may find the convenience is worth it.
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    Consider your home’s décor. Do you live in a rustic log cabin? a sleek, modern home? a warm, traditional farmhouse? Pick a set of doors that will complement the style of the room. A set of fireplace doors with simple lines and steel accents would really enhance a “cutting-edge? fireplace. Possible materials could include anodized aluminum in a black matte finish, or upgrade to wrought iron. Add a few brushed nickel inserts and your fireplace is as sleek as you are. Are you at home on the range in a rustic retreat? Think anodized aluminum doors in a burnished bronze or vintage iron finish with leather accents, or spend a little more for a set in antique brass. If you’ve got some extra cash in hand, consider creating a custom design—perhaps a forest motif—or even personalize the doors! One ranch owner created a custom door design featuring his ranch’s branding design. If you reside in a traditional home and your living room needs a special touch, consider installing an intricately designed pair of doors in a polished brass finish—either choose anodized aluminum, or splurge for the real deal. You’ve got the picture. If you’re going to make the investment, be creative and make it beautiful. You want to make sure that your fireplace glass doors not only match the look of your fireplace but as well as the look of your existing home décor.
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    Do your homework. Check out home improvement websites to read up on different styles and materials. Visit local showrooms to get a feel for the doors you think you’d like. Find the best price for what you’re looking for, and purchase from a reputable dealer. Fireplace doors will make all the difference in your home, so put some work into this purchase— in the end, it’s sure to pay off.


  • As funny as this may sound, watch out for "too-low" prices. You will get what you pay for (as with everything else you will buy).

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