How to Shop for Discount Perfumes

Two Parts:Shopping For Discount Perfume OnlineBuying Discount Perfume in Stores

Some women have a preferred perfume, while others are not loyal to a particular brand or designer. If you like to wear perfume, you may have noticed the relatively high price of the product when compared to other beauty products. In fact, the perfume industry brings in over $24 billion each year. With the generally high cost of perfumes, you may want to purchase your perfumes at a discounted price.

Part 1
Shopping For Discount Perfume Online

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    Identify the perfume you want to buy. You may already be a loyal customer of a particular perfume, or you may be in the market for something new. Regardless, before you begin your online shopping venture, you will want to have some idea of what you are looking for. You can either choose a “fragrance family” (which is how fragrances are classified, according to “notes” that define their overall similarities), or you can choose a favorite designer.[1]
    • Even if you intend to purchase your fragrance from a discount online retailer, it may be beneficial to visit the fragrance area at a major department store to test the product you wish to purchase if you are not familiar with it. These stores will often have “tester” bottles that you can try out before you purchase.
    • If you want to be particularly brave and purchase a perfume without trying it out, read the description of several perfumes so you can understand the differences between the various “fragrance families.” For example, if you like the smell of fresh-cut grass and light citrus, you may want a fragrance in the “Fresh” family; on the other hand, if you appreciate notes of amber and vanilla, you may want to purchase something in the “Oriental” fragrance family.
      • The basic fragrance families are floral, oriental, wood, and citrus.[2] Knowing some fragrances that fit into these categories is a good place to begin if you have no other knowledge of perfume.
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    Find a reputable website. A website that has positive customer reviews and is well-known to carry quality and authentic products is your best option for purchasing discount perfume from a particular designer or brand. In addition, look for a website that guarantees that they only sell original designer fragrances and no knockoff or imitation fragrances.
    • Ask family, friends, or colleagues if they have any experiences (positive or negative) with particular websites for buying discount perfume. This can help you avoid a bad experience with an unknown company and can end up saving you time and money.
    • Find a website that has customer testimonials. This will help you see the true nature of the company and the products that they provide before you place your own order.
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    Select your new perfume. You may have a longstanding favorite perfume that has become your trademark fragrance, or you may want to shop around for something new. Even if you do have a trusted favorite scent, it may be worthwhile to browse the website’s selection to see if another similar product is further discounted or if there is something new that catches your eye.
    • Look for a perfume that will be sent to you in the original manufacturer’s package. This is another way to help ensure that you are getting the discount perfume that you want.
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    Read the website’s return policy before ordering. One downside to online shopping is that you cannot try on the perfume before purchasing it. Thus, there is a chance that you may not like the perfume or it might not be what you expected. It is important to read the website’s return policy before purchasing your discount perfume so that you know whether or not you are able to return a perfume that does not meet your expectations.
    • Some stores may allow you to return the product within 60 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. However, many also place the stipulation that the product must be unopened, unused, and in the original packaging. This means that if you have sampled the perfume, you will not be able to return it.

Part 2
Buying Discount Perfume in Stores

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    Find a store or kiosk to shop for discount perfumes. Most popular department stores, while they are very popular places for purchasing perfumes, will not sell perfumes at a large discount unless there is a sale going on. You will need to look for other locations that may sell discount perfumes; for example, many malls will have one or more stores or kiosks that will sell fragrances at a discounted price.
    • Sometimes these discount stores or kiosks will sell fragrances at a discount price because they have been discontinued. Ask the salesperson if a particular fragrance has been discontinued before your purchase it. There is no problem with purchasing a discontinued perfume, but realize that you may not be able to find it again once you run out.
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    Ask to sample perfumes before purchasing. Some stores and kiosks will have tester bottles for certain perfumes, while others will not. Regardless, it is always worth asking the salesperson if you would be able to test the perfume before buying it since you will likely not be able to return it once it is purchased.
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    Beware of imitation fragrances. Some discount stores offer imitation fragrances of designer labels instead of the authentic product. This means that you must thoroughly check to make sure that you are purchasing an authentic perfume.Check carefully before purchasing and seek out a reputable discount perfume store if possible.
    • While you won’t have the benefit of reading customer reviews as for an online website, you can still ask friends and family about experiences with particular discount perfume retailers.

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