How to Shop for Clothing for Cheer Practice

You never want to look out of place at cheer practice. These are some pointers and tips to help you when you go shopping for new cheer clothes. This is a head-to-toe helpful list of items you will need and recommendations.


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    Keep your hair up. Many gyms and schools prefer high ponytails. If you would like to add a bow, that's up to you. You will need plenty of hair ties, bobby pins, and a headband to keep hair out of your face.
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    Don't waste a whole lot of make-up for cheer practice. Most likely it's a bunch of girls anyway, so it doesn't really matter. You will need moisturizer with SPF (If you practice outside), chap-stick, and if you want, you can add a little concealer.
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    Do NOT wear any blouse, OR regular bra. Always wear sports bras (some girls only wear the bra because you can get hot), and if you would like to add a tee-shirt, or a sport shirt, that's fine too. Don't forget to wear deodorant. Many girls prefer something made for movement or sports.
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    Never wear jeans, jean-shorts, yoga pants, or any other material NOT made for sporting or outdoors. Try a comfortable pair of shorts, like Soffe's for an example, with a pair of bloomies or spankies underneath. The reason girls wear bloomies and spankies is so that when they fly, no one can see their underwear. Another plus lots of girls carry around is lotion to keep their legs from looking dry.
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    Wear shoes that are made for cheer, because they are majorly light-weight and comfortable. If you really want to wear tennis-shoes to practice, you can though. Below is a list of brands that offer cheer shoes to check out: Nike, Nfinity, Zephs, Asics. Nfinity, however, you might want to reserve for competition or games, because they easily get dirty, and they are the most prestigious.


  • Look on the web before you shop. It will help minimize the time deciding which brand is best. Plus you can see customer reviews.
  • If you want to, shop online. That's where you're going to find the biggest selection.
  • When you go shopping, try the biggest store you can find, many have better customer service and selection.


  • Avoid anything you would wear to school, like a blouse, jeans, or flats.
  • Avoid anything with long-sleeves, you will sweat and get very hot.
  • Avoid shoes that are cleats, especially if you're a flyer.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair-ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Headbands
  • Moisturizer
  • Chapstick
  • Sports bra
  • Tee shirt
  • Sporting shorts
  • Lotion
  • Spankies or Bloomies
  • Cheer shoes or Tennis shoes

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