How to Shoot a Paintball Gun

Shooting a paintball gun is fairly simple, point and squeeze. So whoever searches this wants to know how to get to that step.


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    Buy a CO2 bottle or compressed air. You can get CO2 at any number of different places. Some CO2 tanks can be reused, if you don't know whether the one you want to buy can, ask. It is much much cheaper to buy an air refill than a new bottle.
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    Screw the bottle on to your marker. You should hear a faint "tsssst" sound. If you do, don't freak out and unscrew.
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    Buy paintballs. ask around about good brands of paint. Once you have bought it, pour it in to your hopper and close your hopper tightly.
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    Once you get on the field, make sure the safety is off. Next to the trigger of your marker you will see on one side it says "push to fire" and on the other side of the gun, it will say "push safe". You will want to hit push to fire. Also unless you have a gun that auto cocks you will need to cock it.
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    When you are running out of CO2 a white mist will spray will come out of the barrel this can easily be confused with bursting paint in the barrel. Know the color of your paint, if you have purple paintballs and you see white mist you know that you just about out of CO2 if you are seeing purple mist this means that you are bursting paintballs in the barrel and you need to clean it.
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    When you screw in your CO2 if it continues to leak check your O rings if you don't know how to do this ask someone who does. If it still isn't working and you have an older brand the problem could be your valve as far as I know the valve is only on older paintball guns. Make sure it is tightened all the way the valve (if you have one) will be found on your metal tubing that runs from the front of your handle to the forgrip/magazine depending on what type of gun you have.


  • If you don't know what you are doing ask for help from someone who does.
  • Don't reuse paint


  • If any paintballs have fallen out of your magazine, don't put them in again. They will swell sucking up moisture, and eventually jam the mechanism
  • make sure that everyone you play with has a mask too.
  • make sure you wear a full paintball mask; if you don't you could lose your teeth.
  • only point at what you are going to shoot.

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