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You can send food to customers and family members on other parts of the world by using various type of mailing services. However, to ensure the freshness of the food you send through the mail, you must use different packaging materials. By using the right packaging supplies such as inserting a cold pack underneath these food items and packing them tight, you can be rest assured that your food items remain intact. The people receiving them can also enjoy eating these items once they arrive.

Shipping Food Items

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    Bake the items you need to ship. Once they are cooled and ready for packaging, find a container that is close to the same size of the bakery item you will be shipping.
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    Place the food inside the container. Place a cold pack underneath the container.
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    Use heavy-duty tape to stick the cold pack to the container. When shipping food such as poultry, meat or fish, place an additional ice pack on top of the container.
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    Find a box that is close in size to the container that is being shipped. Place the container with the cold pack inside the box.
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    Secure the box from movement inside the box by adding packing peanuts to both the right and left sides of the box. You can add packing peanuts before placing the container inside the shipping box when there is too much room on either side of the box. When the item has a snug fit, use Styrofoam packaging sleeves instead.
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    Write "Keep Refrigerated" with a black Sharpie pen on the container of the item with the food in it. This will let the recipient know to place the item in the refrigerator as soon as the person receives it.
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    Fold 1 of the packaging sleeves in half and place it inside the box. Slide the container inside the shipping box. Fold another Styrofoam sleeve and place it on top of the container inside the box.
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    Fold the sides of the box to close the box. Keep the lid of the box secure with packing tape.
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    Take the food item to the post office and have the item shipped. Make sure to request over-night shipping to ensure items delivered will be fresh when the recipient receives the food items.
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    Request a tracking number for your item and keep this receipt on you when any delivery problems arise. Pay for the overnight shipping and tracking information.


  • Using a container and shipping box that is close in size to the food item being sent keeps the container from moving around while in transit.
  • When you are unable to find a shipping box that is close in size to the item you are shipping, make sure to use packing peanuts or any other type of packing materials to prevent the food container from moving around.


  • Even when a product is smoked, cured or vacuum packed it is still at risk of spoiling. When food items arrive warm and over 40 degrees F (4.4 C) it is no longer edible or safe to eat.
  • Failing to choose express shipping or overnight shipping can result in your food items spoiling and the recipient is at risk of food poisoning.

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