How to Ship a Classic Car

Buying a classic car is exciting. It can also be difficult if you are shopping online and buying one on eBay. Hopefully before committing to a certain seller you put in a ton of time and research. What do you do, though, if the classic car you purchased is all the way on the other side of the country? What if it is not even in driving condition?

It is for this reason auto transport companies exist. Follow these tips to easily and safely transport your new classic car to your home.


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    Do Your Research. Before you decide to go with any one company, you need to research the auto transport industry. You just purchased a valuable classic car, so you want to be sure it is shipped safely. Understand the difference between brokers and carriers.
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    Talk to the Top Companies. After doing some research and finding the top companies, make sure they offer classic car shipping services. Companies may be great at shipping regular cars, but you want to be sure they are experts at shipping valuable cars such as your classic car as well.
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    Get a Shipping Quote. Once you have found a few select companies that specialize in shipping classic cars, either give them a call to get a quote or get a quote online. Stay away from the companies that require personal information such as your address, name and number before they give you a quote. These companies can sell your information to other companies.
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    Compare Quotes. When you ship a classic car, you don't just want to go for the lowest price offered. That may not be the best service. Instead, compare the different prices against what the companies have to offer. If one is more expensive but offers extra protection, like a single enclosed transport, then that may be best for you.
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    Choose a Date to Ship. After you have decided on the best car shipping company, enlist their service with a particular date in mind. Since many companies are brokers and do not have their own trucks, it can sometimes take a couple of days before assigning a truck to ship your classic car. It is best to be flexible with your dates if you can. If you need your car shipped by a certain day make sure you are clear about it.
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    Ship Your Classic Car. Once you have set everything up for you classic car shipment, get ready for delivery. Make sure the company gives you an estimated delivery date. Also, be sure the person you purchased the vehicle from knows which transport company will be picking up your new classic car. Communication is key.
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  • Understand what a Bill of Lading is and how it works.
  • Don't feel pressured or rushed into choosing an auto transport company. The right company will be patient and work with your needs.
  • Make sure the company you go with thoroughly inspects the vehicle before shipping it to you.
  • If the vehicle is not drivable, make sure the car shipping company knows.


  • Do not give personal information to receive a car shipping quote.
  • Avoid scams by doing research, being patient and checking review sites.
  • Ship your classic car with the best company, not the cheapest.

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