How to Set Up Skullcandy Headset

The Skullcandy headset can be setup easily with any device either through USB, Bluetooth, or headphone jack. Scroll down to learn how you do set up your Skullcandy headset to connect to a computer.


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    Grab your headset and make sure it’s charged. The headset needs some juice for it to work, so make sure you’ve got enough power on the headset for testing and using.
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    Plug in the Skullcandy wireless transmitter onto your computer. Plug in the USB mini/micro end of the connector on to your Skullcandy audio transmitter. Then connect the USB 2.0 end to a vacant USB port on your computer.
    • The transmitter should light up, indicating that it is drawing power from the USB port.
    • If it isn’t lighting up, press on the transmitter’s Power button, which, on some models, is the Skullcandy logo.
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    Turn the headset on. There should be a Power button on the side of the headset if it’s a wireless headset. Turn it on by pressing the Power button.
    • The power indicator should light up, showing you that the device is powered on.
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    Test your headset. Launch an audio player software on your computer and play a song.


  • To test microphone functionality, on Windows, head to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound. Go to the Recording tab, and enable your headset’s microphone by right-clicking on it and pressing "Enable" (if it’s disabled). Then speak through the mic. The bars on the right side of your headset’s name should rise and fall to your audio input.
  • To test microphone functionality on a Mac, head to Settings > Sound, then "Output."

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