How to Set Up Miitomo

Miitomo™ is the first free-to-use social networking app created by Nintendo®. It helps users learn more about friends with its question-and-answer basis, questions are posed by the user's virtual self and the user responds to the question, this is shared to their friends where they can view, comment, and like the answer. It is currently available for iOS and Android.


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    Search for Miitomo on the device's app store. You will be able to find Miitomo™ in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The search bar is commonly located in another tab or at the top of the app store application.
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    Install the application. You may be able to install Miitomo™ from the search screen or you may have to open on the app's entry to find the Install or Get button; you may also be required to type in the password to the account affiliated with the device's app store (e.g., and Apple ID, or Google Account).
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    Start up the application. Start up Miitomo™ by tapping the app's icon after it finishes installing. You should see the Miitomo™ splash screen now, wait a moment for it to load.
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    Select I agree to proceed.
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    Link a Nintendo Account™ (optional). Linking a Nintendo Account™ gives you extra features and options, one of which allowing synchronization of your Miitomo™ across multiple devices simultaneously. If you wish to link a Nintendo Account™ select Create/Link a Nintendo Account and follow the instructions, otherwise select Start without linking an account. You can always link/delink a Nintendo Account™ whenever you want through the game menu.
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    Make your Mii™ and configure your profile. Start by entering your date of birth and tapping . Create your Mii™ by configuring each of the tabs to your preference, and tap . Set up your profile by choosing a nickname, voice, and personality; then tap Next.
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    Answer your first question. After your Mii finishes introducing you to the app, answer your first question. This will be shared with friends, if you accumulate any on Miitomo™. After this, Miitomo™ should be fully set up, have fun!


  • If you link a Nintendo Account™ to your Miitomo™ account, you can use the same user on multiple devices.
  • Visit Miitomo™ daily to obtain a daily bonus.
  • It may ask you to select a Download button, the app is only verifying that you're okay with it downloading over whatever internet connection the device is using.


  • When you select I agree, you are agreeing to the Miitomo User Agreement and are acknowledging the Nintendo Privacy Policy.
  • You will lose your Miitomo™ forever if you delete your user data without linking a Nintendo Account™.

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