How to Set up a Spy or CSI Agency

Have you ever wanted to make the greatest spy club? Well here is how to combine a CSI and Spy agency together.


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    You will need to get 1-10 people for your agency. Invite your best and close friends. Then invite other friends. Ask who wants to be a spy and who wants to be a CSI. You need about 5 people for the CSI part. The number of spies are unlimited so feel free to have spies. After getting together and sorting through who are the people in your club; you need to choose their positions. Here are some ideas for the spy position in your club.
    • Head spy-leader or commander
    • Assistant spy- if the head isn't there, the assistant spy takes the position of the leader or head spy.
    • Controller- in charge of all operations and attacks.
    • Computer spy-Works on the computer and finds maps, pictures, information and anything needed of the internet.
    • Conclusion spy- Once you get all the clues about the suspect or in the case, the conclusion spy will try to figure the thing out.
    • Mole-tries to make other spies tell them information.
    • Secret Agent-usually by him/her self during mission and is secret.
    • Undercover agent- have her/him in a different city. They are undercover
    • These are CSI positions:-
    • Lieutenant head CSI- In charge of all CSI members.
    • Field worker- goes out to all crime scenes. Be creative.
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    Everybody gets a spot then you can start working on making a base.
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    A 2 different bases. The spy one should be outside and the CSI inside but you can do what ever. For fort ideas look at the bottom of the page. Once you finish the fort, start some spy training. Here are some training missions that you might want to try. Be sure to teach how to read lips, run without being seen, and spy without being seen.
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    When you are done with training then you should start your missions. Make sure they are safe though.
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    You will also need to know codes and sign language just in case you need to crack a code.


  • Always be wearing a disguise if you are spying
  • Be sure you only spy on people you know


  • Do not make your base on anybody's property (trespassing)
  • Do not spy on police/military men.
  • Don't think of going to a real crime scene.
  • Do not spy on people you don't know

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