How to Set up a Romantic Dinner

This seductive dinner setup will have him or her eating of your hand for sure..oohh la la. You’ll be happy to know that no matter what your cooking level, the food itself is of secondary importance (but you already knew that, you sly one). Setting the mood for romance is fun and only requires one luscious ingredient: creativity.


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    Be prepared. Know the appetites of your significant other. Know what he or she loves, and any allergies (food and flowers, especially).
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    Choose the right location.
    • To please him, choose an unfussy even spontaneous location or a restaurant that lacks a feminine name (e.g. not Olive Garden). He needs a place whose name he can mention to his compadres when he tells them about it. Make sure meat (steak or prime rib) is on the menu (this will fill him up).
    • To please her, choose a nice sit down restaurant, or better yet a location personal to you two-like the place where you met (park, office, under tree at your school campus, etc). If at your place, for either him or her, consider the intimacy of making the meal together (pick a very simple menu so that you keep the evening focused on each other, not on the art of cooking).
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    Dress for success!
    • To please him, a colorful sundress will hint of your carefree lifestyle.
    • To please her, be stylish in a nice button down shirt and jeans, and don’t forget the fine details of a good haircut and a little (stressing a little) cologne.
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    Set the mood with lighting.
    • To please him, subdued lighting is best.
    • To please her, candles are always appreciated. Here are some ideas: A traditional woman may like white or red tapered candles, with a small flower at the base of the candle. A technorati woman may enjoy candlelight or a fireplace from your smart phone app. A scientific woman may be enamored by a charm in the shape of her interest (Aesculapius for nurse/doctor, a computer or a calculator or a building or a gem for an engineer, a rocket for an astronaut, etc)
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    Keep the conversation fun and light. This is an absolute must! Do not skip this ingredient or your efforts are for naught.
    • To please him, let your hair down, laugh, do not let conversation about your profession dominate, and be flexible enough to speak on world events. Tell him about a funny commercial.
    • To please her, be thought provoking, sharing unusual events listed in Yahoo. If you are daring, ask her about her favorite comedian, and then try to impersonate that person; even if you are bad at the impersonation, it is funny. Be romantic by buying fortune cookies already filled with romantic comments.
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    Flirt! It's a romantic evening – be fun and flirty.
    • To please him, the allure is in your attire and in visual cues, as when you walk away from the table to use the restroom (work it, girl). Use the restroom as a chance to let him reflect on how the evening is going.
    • To please her, your purpose is to whet her appetite for romantic nothings. Smile and keep direct eye contact. Wink. Give her a kiss on the cheek. Stroke her hand with a flower. Brush her hair behind her ear. Play coy if she asks a direct question, almost like you didn’t hear her. If at any time you detect she is uncomfortable or pulls back, assume that you have overstepped a boundary and simply ease up on your flirtations and give her some space. Heavy handed flirting can feel pressuring to women.
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    Cap the evening with a sensual dessert. For both, a sensual flirtation is the sharing of a single dessert with two forks/spoons. Feed it to him. Feed it to her. For those uninterested in food but in each other as dessert, have a small menu that shows what choices are available for the evening (this is where humor is very important).


  • You might find a long-lasting relationship.

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