How to Set Up a Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Each Rightline Gear Truck Tent is designed to fit all makes and models of trucks within its category. This means that the truck tents will fit slightly tighter on the largest size truck and slightly looser on the smallest size truck within their category. For those pick-up truck tents that feel tight during initial installation, please use caution when tightening straps and placing poles into pole pockets.


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    With the tailgate open, place the tent in your bed with the no-see-um mesh side facing up. Slip the tailgate pockets over the end of the tailgate and run the tailgate strap underneath. Pull the tent forward so that it covers the entire truck bed. The front corners of the tent have split seams that go over cab-wrapping bed curves.
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    Attach the 2 black strap clips to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed and 1 black strap clip to the wheel well (Fig 4). Repeat on the opposite side of the truck bed.
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    Tighten the tailgate strap before running the black strap clip from the tailgate flap over the rear side strap and attaching it to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed. Repeat on the opposite side of the truck bed.
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    Snug up the straps, keeping the inner flap seam even with the top of the bed rail.
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    Tilt the tailgate up, resting it against your body. Thread the orange straps through the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed.
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    Release the tailgate down. The round part of the strap's clips will be held in place against the underside of the tailgate. You may alternatively fasten the clips to a metal frame member behind the truck's bumper.
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    Position the inner side flap under the orange straps and pull out the slack. Tighten the orange straps, keeping the inner flap seam even with the top of the bed rail.
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    Each of the 3 tent poles is marked with colored tape near one end of the pole (2 orange and 1 gray). Run all 3 tent poles through their matching color pole sleeves. The gray marked rear pole will run under the 2 orange marked dome poles.
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    Raise the 2 orange marked dome poles after inserting their ends into their matching color pole pockets. Raise the gray marked rear pole by the same method.
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    Attach the 4 black pole clips to the rear gray marked pole and adjust all straps as necessary.

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    Set Up The Rain Fly - Use of the rain fly is optional. Position the rain fly over the tent with the Rightline Gear logo towards the rear. Connect the 3 buckles on each side of the tent and adjust their straps as necessary.
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    Tie each of the 3 tie strings located around the rear edge of the rain fly to the tent poles. The seams of the the rain fly should be positioned directly over the tent poles underneath.
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    Take Down The Rightline Gear Truck Tent - Unclip the black pole clips and take the poles out of the pole pockets, lowering the tent. Remove all 3 poles from their pole sleeves, fold and place them back into the pole bag. Unclip the black straps from the outside lip of the truck bed and loosen the tailgate strap. Move the tent to the inside of the bed, tilt the tailgate upwards, and release the orange straps from the gap between the tailgate and truck bed. Roll the tent, the rain fly, and the poles together and place the rolled up tent back into the stuff sack.

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