How to Send Santa Letters

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If your children want to send a letter to Santa, there are two choices - either send a letter by snail mail or send an email. Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way in no time!

Sample Letters to Santa

Sample Letter to Santa

Sample Letter to Santa from Boy

Sample Letter to Santa from Girl

Sending Letters to Santa

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    Prepare early. When the Christmas rush begins, it can be easy to overlook sending Santa's letter on time. Doing it early can help you learn what your child is hoping to get for Christmas and gives your child something else to look forward to.
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    Help your children write the letter if needed. If they don't know what to write, suggest that they say hello and hope that Santa is well, introduce themselves, and let Santa know what gifts they're hoping to get this year (leaving them to decide how vague or detailed a list they care to make). Try to make it an exercise in being polite, organized, and learning that we don't always get what we ask for. This is better than going on about being a "good boy or girl" which is both subjective and open to misinterpretations by the child about his or her own worth if they don't get what they asked for.
    • Read through the letter in case there is anything that doesn't make sense. Have your child correct anything that doesn't make sense but don't worry about spelling or grammar errors.
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    Choose how you'll send the letter. The method of sending will impact the method of its creation.
    • If the letter will be sent by snail mail, have your child write it on paper and place the letter in the envelope. Let your child decorate the envelope if he or she wishes to do so.
    • If it will be sent online, it will need to be typed into the online form. If your child needs help with this, pull up another chair and have him or her sit next to you as you type; otherwise, just have them type and ask for you to check it before they submit. (This also gives you a good opportunity to take a screenshot for a keepsake.)
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    Prepare the Santa letter for sending. The following outlines how to post or email the letter.
    • Send it by post. Write the following address on the envelope:
      • Santa Claus, Arctic Circle, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland. Or,
      • Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada
      • Post it. Don't forget to add sufficient postage! A big part of the fun is to have your child place it into the letterbox. Make a ritual of it.
    • Send it online. Look for the site "Write Santa Claus At Home" at This is a free service.
      • Fill out the basic information needed stating whether it is for a boy or girl and his or her age.
      • Under "Send Santa Your List For Christmas" type the Christmas list.
      • Below the text box is an envelope, enter the child's first name and your (or the child's) email address.
      • Once you've completed the envelope form, click on "Send Your Letter To Santa".
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    Wait. Santa will get back to you.


  • Remember be nice - Santa likes nice people
  • Remind your child that it's important to be thoughtful and not to ask for too much; Santa can't bring everyone everything they want.
  • Remind your child to be friendly; after all, Santa always appreciates a nice letter!
  • If you're stuck for ideas, look online at store websites. Or ask for non-material things like health, happiness, and peace. It's never too early to help your child learn the values of love and kindness.
  • Remind your child to tell Santa in the letter how grateful they are about Santa putting effort to give presents to kids everywhere... and how much they love and care for him.
  • Take your time, there's no rush.
  • If you left posting until the last minute, the postal service will very kindly send your child a letter that discusses how much Santa appreciated your child's letter and how Santa spent Christmas, with hopes that your child had a lovely time; this ensures that your child doesn't feel left out.

Things You'll Need

  • Envelope
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper
  • Postal stamps

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