How to Send Flowers

Flowers add ambiance, fragrance and beauty to any room, table or environment. Men and women of all ages send them as a way to express their feelings. Flowers can show care, love, remorse, sorrow, excitement, congratulations or well wishes. No matter what the reason, season or occasion, you can send flowers.


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    Think about the type of floral arrangement you wish to send. Flowers that are in season are usually fresh. They tend to be readily available at a better price than flowers not in season.
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    Consider where the individual will put the flowers. When you're ordering flowers for a table, the size of the table does matter. A flat long flower arrangement would look great on a dining room table, while something smaller and daintier would be more appropriate on a small table.
    • Know how much you are willing to spend before contacting the florist.
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    Get the recipient's name, address and phone number. The florist will need this information in order to deliver the flowers.
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    Locate a well-known, well-established florist with a good reputation. Keep in mind that you may not have the chance to see the arrangement before the company sends it. Florists that do business with local flower growers and farmers may use only fresh flowers in their arrangements, extending the life of the flowers.
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    Place the order. You can order flowers online, in person or over the telephone. The process is easy regardless of the method you choose.
    • Be sure to have your PayPal account information, your credit card or a debit card handy when ordering.
    • Ask the florist about its delivery policy. Most florists include the delivery charge in the price of the flowers, but some do not. The cost of delivery may vary slightly from florist to florist. Some florists offer free delivery, while others charge for it.
    • Let the florist know the date you would like it to deliver the flowers. Some florists will ask whether you have a morning or afternoon delivery preference.
    • Provide your billing information once you have made your flower selection. The florist will need your name, address, phone number and payment information.


  • Keep your cut flowers beautiful and fresh longer by changing the water daily. Place the stems under running water and cut them at a slant. Repeat this process every couple of days.
  • Flowers may be the perfect gift for the person who has everything. They also make a great last-minute gift--many florist guarantee same-day delivery.
  • When changing your water make sure to wash and rinse your vase to remove any contaminants that may harm your flowers.
  • Remove any dead or decaying leaves as soon as possible. They take away from the beauty of your arrangement, steal valuable nutrition from your healthy leaves, and may also harbor bacteria that will harm your arrangement.
  • Add a preservative, a packet of flower food or a crushed aspirin to your cut flowers to provide the nutrients they need to survive indoors. Lightly spray hairspray under the leaves and petals to help with their appearance.


  • Keep flowers and all plants away from young children and pets. Many varieties are poisonous.
  • Never overwater or underwater potted flowers. Too much or too little water may cause the flowers to wilt or die. Most flowers come with specific instructions on care.

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