How to Send Christmas Cards On Time in the United States

As long as people are believing in the postal service, there will still be those people who will routinely mail Christmas cards out late. But to prevent a late arrival, it's imminent that you can send them on time. This article will give you the details on getting them out on time.


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    Plan ahead. Write and assemble your Christmas cards within the week following Thanksgiving.
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    Make sure you are able to purchase stamps. Have the envelope containing the card reach its destination in time. Either use the website version of the shipping company try to determine an approximate delivery date and time, or take it to the shipping center or USPS to see what their best route is to bring it to where it needs to go.
    • While most places from one coast can reach the other coast in about a week during the normal rest of the year, during Christmas, things get interesting, and for a card to travel from coast to coast could then take a week and a half.
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    Plan for delays, if the post office is a tiny hamlet post office. The smaller the town's post office, the harder the office makes it to reach the person in time. With a bunch of different Christmas cards arriving at the same time, the organizational task of keeping things ready to "head out the door successfully" is a challenge.
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    Plan for delays, if the post office is one of many post offices in big metropolitan cities containing many ZIP codes. When Christmas cards come in to big metropolitan cities, they come in to one post office and are dispersed to their component zip code post office for delivery to the recipient. That change-over could cause problems.
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    Know if and when each class of mail is able to be sent to be successfully delivered at the destination. Each post office has a certain period of time that they will allow for, before the post office says "the card won't reach its intended destination for Christmas". Know these dates.
    • Select a quicker route if you've missed that style's deadline. Between priority mail (a turnaround of 2-3 days) and express mail (for those looking for a next day turnaround (even on Sundays), the USPS has some type of system to mail your cards and get them there on time.
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    Recognize alternate forms of sending the card. While other delivery companies may not like to send things which aren't in their form of packaging, try other companies. Use either UPS or FedEx. Sometimes, these companies can get it there before Christmas (or on Christmas (Eve)), but you'll have to make sure you follow the policies of the other companies as well.
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    Give the intended recipient a "heads up" (email or phone call) to ensure that the recipient knows that there is a card on its way. Do this if you suspect it could cut it close to the deadline day.


  • Realize that there is no mail on Christmas Day (December 25th). However, mail is delivered on Christmas Eve (December 24th). Christmas Day is a federal holiday when all federal businesses (including United States post offices) are closed.

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