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If you ever want to send a letter to someone who's important, for example, a politician, a company president, or a media personality, it is important to write a good letter so that you have a better chance of getting a response. Here are some tips for improving your chances that the person will respond.


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    Be polite.They won't respond if you aren't.
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    Keep the letter as short and factual as possible. Start with a summary, put the facts in order, then end with a conclusion and a suggestion of the result or action you would like to see. Try no more than:
    • Introduction
    • Point 1
    • Point 2
    • Point 3
    • Conclusion + action (or suggestion)
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    Try to encourage the other person. Say something like "I think you're doing a great job", "I am impressed by your speeches", "I'm praying for you," or "What you are doing is really making a difference" If you have something negative to say, at least preface your negativity with a positive comment first.
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    Don't ask specific questions concerning the person's beliefs and private life. For example, when you're writing a president or leader, for instance, do not ask if he or she is of a certain religion. He or she will probably ignore it, or answer in broad terms.
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    Don't mention your age unless it sets the background to your letter. If you are not yet an adult and still want the same respect as one, it may be a good idea not to mention that you are a kid. If the person receiving the letter knows how young you are, he or she might respond very simply, such as "Stay in school," or "So glad to hear you're so young and writing so much." This is a way of dodging what you have asked. However, this advice does not hold where a child is trying to draw the attention of the person to a particular plight that affects children, such as: The environment, health of children, school problems or a local neighborhood. Ask your parents and teachers to help you if you can't think of how to word the letter.
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    Avoid talking about yourself for extended periods in your letter. They're just not interested and it wastes valuable space to get your point across. By all means tell them a brief background, such as "I'm part of a team planting trees for a local conservation group" but only as much as is needed to explain the reason for why you're writing.
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    Be realistic. Sometimes, no matter how polite you are, they won't respond, or they'll say "We appreciate your comments." Don't be discouraged! Some companies and people are like that (especially if they are a large corporation or a big celebrity.) Keep writing. Maybe not to the same people, but don't give up writing; it's a gift and the more you try it, the better you'll become.


  • In addition to using your best stationary, consider writing the letter by hand. Handwritten letters are often fast tracked to the important person instead of being responded to by their staff.
  • You might want to use your best stationery. It always helps to make a good impression.
  • Sometimes it will take a long time for a response. Be patient.
  • Advice: When writing the president of the USA and other country leaders, it can take up to a year to receive a response. This is because a lot of people write to political leaders and it takes a long time to get around to the letter-reading.


  • Never curse. The letter will be treated as lacking serious intent and will be thrown away or you'll receive a template reply which says nothing more than "Thank you for your letter, we're sorry that you are upset but the community was in favor of X,Y,Z." If you want to be taken seriously, speak courteously. You may just find yourself in a pickle!

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  • Stationery/printer paper

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