How to Sell Your House in 3 Days

Selling property can be a very stressful thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these steps, you might just sell your house in about 3 days (not a guarantee)! Here are a few tips for bettering your house-selling experience.


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    Hire a good, successful Realtor. Remember, you will be meeting with this person often and discussing important matters so always pick someone you trust and are comfortable talking with, don’t just base your decision on the number of houses the agency has sold. When you pick a Realtor, set a time to meet to discuss finances and see your property.
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    Meet with your Realtor for a walk-through of the house and to receive presentation tips for your showing. Based on their advice, take into consideration the work you will need to do in order to get your house into the best shape possible to be viewed.
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    Clean up the outside of your house--your front yard especially. Put gardening tools up and out of sight, hoses away, kids toys out of the way, etc. Keep in mind, the front yard is what first attracts a buyer or their agent’s eye--if the first impression isn’t eye-catching, what will make them come inside?
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    Avoid the dark, dreary atmosphere of dark wall colors. Paint walls white or an off-white color in order to give the sense of an open, airy house. Not only will it lighten up the house, it will make it seem larger than it is.
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    Remove all the furniture possible in the house. You are going for the “hotel” look in that you want only the furniture necessary to be there. Take down wall hangings, posters, photos, books; take away about half the furniture in your house (if possible); make your rooms less crowded. Keep in mind, prospective buyers don’t want to see your possessions in the house, they want to see their belongings fitting in.
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    Erase most of the evidence of inhabitants from your home for the viewing, especially pets.
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    Clean, clean, clean! Dirty rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, can be a major turn-off for people viewing your house. Little things lying around also give the impression of a cluttered environment.
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    Hide all trashcans--closets are a good place to temporarily store the smelly, obstructive objects.
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    Set up your house for viewing.
    • Make sure your house doesn’t smell unpleasant and the heat is comfortable.
    • Double-check that every toilet lid is down, all the lights are on(including lamps), hide all electrical objects(like wires and remotes), turn off computers and televisions, and make sure no little objects are lying around.
    • Ensure the prospective buyers always come with an agent (if your Realtor tells you this) and make sure they know how to get into the house(your agent may leave a lock box with your key in it).
    • Hold an open house sometime to allow people in the neighborhood to see your house--word of mouth travels just as quickly as internet postings.


  • When choosing Realtors, it is important to go for a balance between personality and reputation, you want to choose a friendly agency that has had success in the past.
  • Have convenient viewing hours for people interested in taking a look at your house.
  • Set a realistic price for your house, very high and too low prices often make buyers wary.
  • When cleaning your house, avoid the “Air Freshener” smell. If you look or smell like you are trying too hard to smell clean, you may seem like you are hiding something. Go for natural fragrances like fresh flowers on your table, cinnamon in the oven, or (if you are around) bread or cookies baking.
  • An open house is a great way to catch people’s attention.
  • Especially if you have young kids or pets, it is important to have a routine for when buyers come. The best thing to do is get out of the house while they are there. Take pets for a long walk, go to a neighbor’s house, or even sit in the car down the street if you have to.


  • Don’t let yourself get disappointed by any negative or critical feedback from prospective buyers or their agents who didn’t like something about your house. Remember, only one person/family will be buying your house in the end.
  • Don’t be misled by what you read about the house-market; prices, neighborhoods, time on the market, are all factors that vary depending on the house. Don’t be concerned about other houses.
  • Following these tips may not lead to immediate success in house-selling, but they are helpful tips for getting started and being prepared!

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