How to Sell Student Season Football Tickets

As a student of a university or college with a successful football program, you may find yourself in the unique position of being able to purchase and sell season football tickets. Whether you are looking to sell student season football tickets for a profit or you simply have an extra set of tickets you need to get rid of, learning how to sell student season football tickets can be relatively simple, inexpensive, and quite time-efficient.


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    Sign up for student season tickets well in advance of the upcoming season.
    • Depending on the popularity of your school's football team, obtaining student season football tickets can be difficult. Schools with teams that typically sell-out every home game will often institute a lottery system for students to sign up for tickets. Signing up early may improve your chances of being selected for a season ticket package.
    • The process of distributing season tickets to students often begins as early as Spring. Check with your school's athletic department to determine the earliest possible date for signing up.
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    Select the individual games for which you are interested in selling tickets, or consider selling the season tickets you obtain as a complete package.
    • Conference games and heated rivalries will typically sell for the highest dollar value. If you are looking to make a profit on your tickets, consider selling these games individually rather than grouping them with less popular games.
    • Selling your student season football tickets as a complete season package will save you the time and effort of selling individual games, but will generally receive a lower overall price than selling tickets individually. Also, selling the tickets as a season package will require that you sell all tickets before the start of the season. As the season progresses, tickets for certain games could increase in value due to playoff contentions or conference standings.
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    Utilize several different methods of advertising your tickets, and avoid services which charge a fee for listing, selling, or buying student tickets.
    • Using multiple methods of listing your tickets will ensure that your ticket listing is seen by many people, improving the chances that someone will offer to purchase your tickets at your desired price.
    • Plenty of free advertising methods are available to students, so there is no need to use a large ticket broker or service which charges a fee to list or sell your tickets. Such fees will often reduce your net selling price by several percent or more.
    • Listing your tickets on online classifieds or social media sites in addition to posting fliers around your school will make sure that your ticket advertisement is seen by many people. When listing your tickets in multiple places, always list the asking price with the words "or best offer" after the price. That way you can take advantage of competing buyers who may be willing to pay more than your listed price.


  • If you are a graduating senior, you may be able to sign up for one more season of student tickets if you sign up prior to graduation.
  • It may be wise to list your tickets at a price slightly higher than you are hoping to get. This will allow you some flexibility in accepting a potential buyer's offered price, which will often be less than the listed price.


  • Before selling student season football tickets, check with your school's athletic department to find information about their policies on the resale of student season tickets. Some schools strictly forbid the resale of student season tickets and may enforce disciplinary action if you are found responsible.

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