How to Sell Paintings

Artwork covers the walls of millions of homes. Is your art looking for a new home? If so, try some of these methods.


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    Go online. The internet provides great possibility for publicity. There are an endless number of web builder/host websites out there these days, and finding them is just as easy.,1&,... the list goes on.
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    Consider consignment. Look for stores or boutiques in your area who you think would want to carry your items, and ask if they might carry them -- you only pay if they sell your items, then they get part of the profits. Consignment is excellent for three main reasons: you get the publicity, you don't pay anything up front, and you don't pay rent on the building where they are selling your items.
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    Look for an art gallery in your town, take a couple pieces of art in there, and ask if they could display your work for sale in the gallery. Find out if your town has any upcoming arts and crafts shows. To do this, call or go to the website of your towns city hall. They will have the information that you need. Depending where you live, the cost of renting a booth is fairly inexpensive, normally no more than $30.00.
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    Self-promote. Depending on the amount of money you have, or want to spend, you could advertise in your local newspaper, and set up shop in your own driveway, garage, or backyard.


  • Price your work right. Too many artists underestimate themselves, and practically give their art away. Charge for your materials, and the time you put into it. Decide on how much money per hour that you feel you deserve.
  • Picture your painting on a wall, if it looks good with any color,it might sell quicker, but it won't necessarily be your best work. However, if your work is well executed, it will sell no matter the colors you use because the person who loves it will repaint a wall to make it work! Person to person publicity is the best way to sell your painting when you meet anybody always offer them a business card and tell them about your most recent painting.
  • Even if customers don't buy, give them your contact information. You never know, they might decide to buy the painting they couldn't stop looking at, earlier that day.
  • Unless you have only one type of subject that you do well, such as landscapes, it's always a good bet to paint a wide variety of genres, such as figures and still life paintings. Art clients each have their favorite genre.
  • If you can't come up with something to paint, you can make your own rendition based on a famous artist's work - but be aware of copyright law when you choose who to emulate. It is illegal to actually copy another artist's work or to use pictures in magazines to copy. You cannot copy another artist's style with the purpose of duping the purchaser.
  • It only takes one great painting, hanging in your customer's home, for it to catch the eye of their friends and family, for them to say, "Where did you buy that?"


  • A phone number, and your first name will work just fine. Don't give out any information about yourself, that could put you in harm's way.
  • Don't meet at customers' homes, unless you personally know them. That is risky to do.
  • For your sake, don't sell to anyone until you have the cash in your hand. If you don't, you're risking losing a piece of your artwork at no cost, not knowing for sure if they will ever pay you.

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