How to Sell Fast when House Flipping

When you are flipping a house, you should never hold on to it for any extra time. You should buy, renovate and then sell as soon as the house is presentable.If you keep the house in your possession for too long, there are a number of ways you could lose money. You will be responsible for homeowner's insurance as well as utilities. You will have to keep up on the general maintenance of the house like paying for the lawn to be mowed and paying for the driveways to be plowed in the winter.Additionally, you must remember that most insurance companies DO NOT cover vandalism after the first thirty days you own the property. Since abandoned houses are the prime targets of vandals, taking longer than a month to sell is always risky.Another monthly cost to consider is your payment to your lender if you are borrowing money. In any case, moving quickly and getting the property off of your hands fast should be one of your key concerns.


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    Market Yourself. When flipping a house, even if you've got a great buy, if people do not know about your house they aren't going to make an offer on it. There are a number of different ways you can really get your name and property out into the public eye. You can advertise using ads in the newspaper, online listings or Craigslist. You might even consider using MLS or "multiple listing service". Another great tool you can use is the bandit sign. Bandit signs are a cheap way to get your name known around a particular area. You can hang them on lamp posts, telephone poles, traffic signs, or even in the front yard of a property.
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    Keep Up With Your Contractors. When flipping a house, you will generally hire a contractor, or contractors, to make the necessary renovations on your property. Sometimes, however, the contractors will take longer than they originally approximated, pushing the sale of your project back. A good way to make sure that everything moves smoothly is by meeting with the general contractor and setting up a schedule outlining when each piece of the puzzle is to be completed. Then, if something is not finished on time, you will know immediately and be able to address the particular workers involved.
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    Accept Cash Over Finance. Sometimes, when you receive multiple offers on a property, the higher price isn't necessarily the best option. If two offers are close in price and the higher one is a finance offer while the lower one is a cash option, you might want to go with the cash. When dealing with finance, a deal can take a lot longer to take effect. Additionally, there are many things that can go wrong, like the lender not accepting the offer. Cash on the other hand is fast and simple. There is essentially nothing major that can go wrong when dealing with a cash offer, so you will never run the risk of having to put your property back on the market.


  • Just because you want to move quickly doesn't mean you shouldn't wait for the right offer. Don't lose money on a property just to get it off your hands.
  • Plan out all your renovations before you right the check to purchase a property. This way you don't have to waste any time and you can get started right away.


  • Make sure you do your homework and check the particular laws regarding bandit signs in the town you are posting them in. Each town is different and you don't want to have to deal with any legal ramifications.
  • Don't accept a cash offer over a finance offer if the finance offer is a great deal higher. You should use your judgement. Each case is different.

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