How to Sell Boy Scout Popcorn

As a fund raiser, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts will usually sell popcorn. Selling popcorn will benefit your Scout Troop and you might get prizes in return if you sell enough. This article will tell you how to effectively sell popcorn. Read on to learn more.


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    Attend a Pack/Troop selling event. Here, your Troop or Pack will gather together in one place and sell popcorn together. This is a good way to get your sales up.
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    Go to your neighborhood or the place you are assigned to sell. Wearing your uniform, go door-to-door asking people if they want to support scouting. Be polite and be sure to bring your list of items and sales form. Let's hope for a yes! Be sure to thank them if they make a purchase. If they don't buy anything, thank them anyway.
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    Repeat Step 2 as many times as you can by selling in different neighborhoods around town.
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    Sell popcorn at school if this is allowed. A lot of kids love popcorn, and so do a many parents. If you you have the opportunity, ask the teachers and you might sell additional popcorn.
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    Sell to your relatives. They would love to help you raise money for your troop.
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    Buy some for yourself. It can just be a little. A sale is a sale and you get some popcorn for yourself.
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    Sell to businesses. Taking your order form to local businesses can be a great way to earn some extra sales. Small and large businesses love to buy popcorn, either for themselves to have or to give out as gifts.


  • Smile! You're much less likely to sell if you look like you don't want to be selling.
  • Try your best, if you have other Scouts in your neighborhood then start early so you can get as many houses as possible.
  • Often times the Court Of Honour will give out large prizes such as a laptop, an iPod, or a game system to the boy who sells the most popcorn. That could be you!
  • Be Polite as Possible so you can come back next year.
  • A great way to sell is to carry some popcorn with you and tell the customer that you can deliver most products the same day.
  • Check to see if your pack/troop is giving out prizes.
  • It is helpful to only carry a few dollars with you so if you lose it, it won't be as bad as losing a lot of money.


  • Try as hard as you can not to lose or drop your money.
  • Never enter a stranger's home!
  • Always sell with a trusted adult.
  • Some troops/packs set a goal for you to meet, and if you don't meet it, you have to pay the remainder!

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