How to Sell a Piano Online

Two Methods:Where to Sell the PianoPitching your Piano

Selling a used piano can be a difficult endeavor. Expanding your market to the Internet increases your odds of making a successful sale, but even so, there are a few things you should consider concerning where to sell the piano and how to make an effective pitch.

Method 1
Where to Sell the Piano

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    Go to a website that specializes in the sale of musical instruments. There are a sizable number of such websites in existence, and many of them even specialize in the sale of pianos. For the most part, there will be a fee for either posting an ad or successfully making a sale. In some cases, there may even be a fee for both. Look into the reputation and requirements of various websites and determine which would offer you the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.
    • The downside of these websites comes in the form of heightened competition. With so many people advertising their used pianos in one place, it will be more difficult to make your own piano stand out. On the upside, though, anyone who visits the website is definitely interested in buying a piano, so you can be fairly certain that your ad is reaching the right audience.
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    Advertise on music blogs and forums. Not every blogging community or message board will allow you to advertise, so make sure you check the policy on advertisements before posting yours.
    • Some music and piano message boards have a special forum set aside for advertisements or will allow you to make an advertisement in your signature, especially forums dedicated to music lessons and instruments.
    • If a music blog you follow has been known to mention instrument sales in the past, contact the blog owner and ask about advertising your piano there. Do not simply post about it in the comments unless the blog specifically gives you permission to do so. Otherwise, plastering your advertisement in someone else’s web space is rude and may even get you banned from the blog.
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    Place an ad on a free online classifieds website. These websites specialize in the sale of used goods. Moreover, if you choose a classifieds website that allows you to advertise to your local area, you will have more leeway about how to ship or deliver the piano than you would if you sold the piano to a customer on the other side of the country. Each classifieds community has its own rules about placing ads, so make sure to review these before attempting to sell your piano there.
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    Sell the piano on an online auction website. Online auction websites are some of the oldest online resources for selling used goods, and they also remain some of the most frequently used websites today. For the most part, you can either set a price at which a buyer can purchase the piano flat out or you can allow users to make bids on the piano.
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    Mention it on your personal blog. Setting up a blog for the purpose of selling your piano is probably not the best use of resources unless you plan on frequently selling musical instruments through it. If you already have a blog, though, and you actually have people who follow it, mentioning that you have a piano for sale can be a good way to spread the word. This can be even more effective if you have a music-related blog, but your blog does not necessarily need to be about music for you to advertise on it.

Method 2
Pitching your Piano

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    Have reasonable expectations about price.[1] A piano is only worth as much as someone is willing to buy it for. If you want to sell your piano, you need to offer it at a price someone will pay for it. Base your price on expert opinion as well as your own market research. Also understand that there are many others out there who are trying to sell and even give away their used pianos, as well.
    • Get your piano appraised. A professional appraisal will let you know how much the piano is worth based on make and condition. Having a professional appraisal will also give validity to your sale ad, since prospective buyers will know that someone other than you has commented on the piano's value.
    • Find out what other pianos of the same make and quality are going for. Even if your appraiser tells you that your piano is worth a large sum, if there are a dozen others like yours that are going for a considerably smaller amount, you will need to adjust your price accordingly to be competitive with the prices set by the other sellers.
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    Be honest.[2] Lying to or misleading a customer will not gain you any favor and will only result in an unhappy customer who will demand their money back. Depending on how you sold your piano, the website you went through may deem that the customer has every right to do so, too. If the piano has its problems, be upfront about it. Even if it is in great working condition but it has a damaged leg where your dog chewed on it or your child scratched it, be honest and let your prospective customers know. A severely damaged piano may take a while to sell, but if you are honest about a mildly damaged piano, a buyer may take that as an indication of trustworthiness, thereby feeling comfortable with the notion of purchasing from you.
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    Be specific. Identify the piano's manufacturer and the year it was made. While the price of pianos rarely change due to time, the age of the piano, especially in conjunction with the manufacturer, can still reveal information about how the piano was made. Also share any information you have on the history of the piano along with a detailed description of its working condition and appearance.
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    Take pictures and video. A picture is worth a thousand words. You might have to pay a few extra dollars to post a photo if you sell your piano through another website, but the extra money can be worth it since most buyers tend to prefer purchasing a product they can see with their own eyes. If you are selling the piano through your own blog, it can be even more helpful to have a video demonstrating how well the piano plays, allowing potential buyers to both see and hear its quality.

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