How to Sell a Horse Quickly

Selling a horse may be difficult and you often lose money in the time you are waiting to sell it. Always keep in mind that if your horse is not selling, you may be doing something wrong.Here are some tips you can use to sell your horse faster and make money.


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    Find the correct price. It should be reasonable depending on the situation, training involved, age, conformation, skill, personality, color, breeding, weight and height, etc. If you can, ask another person that once sold a horse and see what their price was. Just sell it for a little less because no one will buy it if you sell it for a high price.
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    Provide a good, honest picture. A picture really says 1000 words. It should show the horse's full conformation and build. It also shouldn't cover up any markings, cuts, injuries, or scars. Another picture with the horse in action also helps.
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    Tell all negative and positive habits your horse has. The potential buyer will know what they can fix in the horse and know you as an honest person, giving you a good reputation if you sell other horses.
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    Advertise. Magazines, newspapers, on-line, anything you can find(This may cost a small fee, some on-line ads are free) Get your horse out there. You can also go to shows and list your horse as for sale. That way potential buyers can see the way your horse acts and performs.
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    Use a video as part of your advertising. Online videos will sell your horse a lot faster, especially if you don't mind selling out of state, same goes for online ads try some of the top sites like,,, and UK-based
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    Give your horse's background information. What it's been trained in/by, if it's been bred/foaled, or if it has won anything.
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    Keep your horse clean and groomed. Lots of potential buyers like to look at a horse when you least expect it in order to see if you're hiding something. This also gives a good first impression.
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    Keep your horse fit. Muscle sells better and you don't want your horse to not behave or be gasping for air when the potential owner rides it.
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    List your horse by what it's suitable for. Kid-safe, bomb-prof, man's horse, lady's horse, etc.
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    Give the correct information. Why you're selling it, age, price, training, conformation, injuries, if it is up-to-date on all shots, shoes, de-worming, and loads, clips, and ties.


  • be confident and kind to customers
  • Be prepared to answer any questions.
  • Make sure the future home suits your horse.
    • Make sure the owner is right for the horse and the horse is right for the owner
  • Be honest.
  • Have your horse prepared (tuned-up, groomed, and clean).


  • Don't be dishonest (you will end up with more trouble in the end).
  • Don't let people suck up to you and buy the horse for less money than it's worth.
  • Don't drug the horse!
    • Also, only point out negative things about the horse if the person asks. Do not start out by saying your horses leg is inflamed because of an injury. Let them ask first but answer honestly!

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