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Carrots are a very healthy addition to our diet. Buying good quality carrots will help to ensure that you get the best nutrients available in carrots (and the tastiest too!) This article discusses the key things to look for when selecting carrots and the best ways for storing them once you've gotten them home.


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    Choose carrots that are in good shape. Look for a good, smooth form and a hearty orange colour. Select carrots that still have greens attached, as these tend to keep better and taste fresher. The leaves themselves should be fresh and bright green.[1]
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    Note the shape of the carrots you select. Try to choose medium-sized carrots that taper off at the end. Medium-sized carrots will be the easiest to cook with later on. Thick carrots are often tough and harder to cook with.[2]
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    Select young carrots for the most sweetness. Slim early carrots are the sweetest. Note that baby carrots are convenient but not as sweet as the slimmer young carrots. In fact, most baby peeled carrots are larger carrots cut down to size and sold as "baby" carrots.[3]
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    Avoid choosing carrots with blemishes or cracks, wilting greens, a flabby or rubbery texture, or carrots that have a "sunburned" green area at the tops.[4]


  • If baby carrots have what appears to be a light layer of white on them, this is simply indicative of the fact they are already peeled. Soak them in cold water for a time and they'll rejuvenate.
  • Peel older carrots - they are usually more fibrous and therefore have a less desirable peel for eating.
  • Shredded carrots are also a great addition to peanut butter sandwiches as an alternative to jams. Just mix in some shredded carrots with your peanut butter before spreading it on bread. Drizzle with honey if desired.
  • The sugar content in carrots makes them an ideal healthy alternative to sugar in cakes and muffins. Add some carrot and reduce the amount of sugar used.

Things You'll Need

  • Carrots
  • A sheet of bubble wrap (the small textured kind) for storage
  • Scissors for removing greens
  • Fridge for storage
  • Peeler (optional)

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