How to Select a Wedding Gown

Selecting the perfect wedding dress is a subjective undertaking. Even though there are so many to choose from, there are really only a few that are right for you and your body type. For this reason, searching for your wedding gown can be a daunting task. However, when the time comes for you to select a wedding gown, remember that there are certain steps that are necessary to follow in order to find the right dress for you.


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    Do your research when choosing a bridal dress and see what's out there. You can do this by perusing bridal magazines and surfing online. Cut and print out the styles that you like the look of, but don't assume that just because they look good on a model they will look good on you. At this point you are just researching your options. You also don't want to stick to a few styles.
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    Establish a budget and stick to it. If you know what you can work with financially, you can inform your consultant so that she only brings you to those dresses that you can afford. There are so many options available that you don't have to purchase a really expensive dress to be happy. You may also have to add the cost of fittings and alterations, so make sure you budget those in accordingly.
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    Invite a friend or family member to accompany you when shopping for a bridal gown, and don't forget a camera. Take notes of your favorite styles and put together a scrapbook so you can look back on your favorite dresses and features.
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    Experiment with various style gowns. You want to try on different styles, including those you may not have initially considered. You may be surprised by what you find when opting for gown styles that are outside of your usual choices.
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    Choose a bridal dress that flatters your body shape. For example, if you have wide hips, choose a gown with a full skirt that hides any exaggeration. You can also opt for puffier sleeves to create overall balance. If, on the other hand, your upper body is wider, then consider a dress with a modest bodice and detailed skirt.
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    Select a dress with a neckline that flatters your face. If you have a round face, then a scoop or V-shaped neckline would work best. Additionally, an oblong shaped face can be widened by a square or round neckline.
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    Consider a dress with features that improve certain physical attributes. For instance, an empire waist and high neckline can increase height, and a princess style waist and scoop neck can offer a slimmer appearance. Additionally, high necklines and scoop necks can soften the bust line. Often wedding gown consultants can assist in helping you look for dresses with specific details that can downplay or enhance certain physical features.
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    Opt for a custom made gown if you cannot find what you are looking for. By designing your own dress, you can make sure that it possesses all the features that you desire and you won't have to compromise. Just remember that you will have to wait longer for your dress if it is custom made, so this option would only be possible if you have the time.


  • Remember to select your undergarments before fitting your wedding gown. You will need to wear them when sizing your dress to make sure that the seamstress accounts for the room it will need. Additionally, you need to make sure that your undergarments don't bulge through your dress or cause it to crease.

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