How to Select a Pet

Have you just bought your first home and want to fill it up with adorable pets? Or are you a child and have convinced your parents to let you get one? Whatever the case, selecting a pet can be a tough decision. Here's how to make this important choice a little bit easier.


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    Think about why you want a pet. Is it because you are lonely and want some company? Is it because you love animals? Or is it another reason? You want to make sure you don't want an animal for the wrong reasons.
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    Think about what kind of pet you want. What is your favorite animal? Do you like birdwatching? Then a parakeet or cockatiel may be the right pet for you. Do you enjoy cats? Do you want a low-maintenance pet?
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    Get checked for pet allergies. If you have never had a pet before, you might have allergies. It would be an awful disappointment if you discovered you were allergic after you bonded with your new pet. Talk with your doctor about getting tested for pet allergies.
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    Consider your options. Once you have decided what pet you want, another difficult decision is where to obtain your pet. If you are getting a fish, reptile, or amphibian, the best choice is a well-maintained store or breeder. You can also obtain these kind of pets online, but that probably isn't the best idea, as you would not know where they came from. If you are getting a cat or dog, the best place to obtain one would be an animal shelter or a breeder. When you adopt a cat or dog from a shelter, you are saving that animal's life.
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    Enjoy your new best friend. Congratulations, you have just made an important decision! Enjoy your new pet.


  • Also if you obtain a cat or a dog, be sure to spay and neuter when they reach the right age, unless you are planning to breed them.
  • If you obtain a cat or a dog, be sure to be all up to date on shots.


  • If you obtain an animal from a shelter, be sure to enquire about it first. Is it good with children? Was it abused by a previous owner? Formerly abused pets can be a challenge to train and work with. Make sure you know what you're signing on for, and ask plenty of questions before you bring your pet home.
  • DO NOT ABUSE OR MISTREAT YOUR PET. Don't be cruel and mistreat them. Treated well, this could be your best friend!

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