How to Select a Paint Horse

A paint horse is also called a Pinto. They are commonly recognized by they're blotchy colored pattern. Paint horses are docile, sturdy, good riding horses that were originally bred as stock horses. They are now used for many things from eventing to trail riding. This article is a How to on selecting the right paint horse for you.


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    Get familiar with the breed. Search "Paint Horses" and research from there. Find information on what disciplines they're used for, temperament, etc. Make sure to find information that will be useful to you. If you want a horse that is within a certain price range, you may want to look for the average price of a paint horse or you may even want to consider getting a mixed breed horse.
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    Figure out what you are looking for.
    • Do you want a black and white horse? Brown and white? Palomino and white?
    • Do you want a calm tempered horse or do you want a challenging horse?
    • Male or female?
    • Decide on what your ideal horse would be like. This is important when you go to find your horse.
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    Talk to someone who knows horses well. Don't just go look at horses alone if you aren't an experienced horse person. Even if you are, you should still take someone like your veterinarian along to look at the horse with you. This person should be able to help you find the right horse for you. Your veterinarian should be there to check the health of the horse.
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    Check sites like or for local listings that fit your price range. These websites have the option to choose the breed you want and search just that breed. You can search local listings and if you're would be willing to travel, there a listings nationwide.
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    Find a few horses you'd like to look at. Make sure they fit your budget, space, etc. Contact the owners of the horses.
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    Set up times to go looks at the horses you have chosen. Choose general times. See Warnings below. Viewing the horse before deciding on it is very important!
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    Look at many horses before deciding on one. Ride each horse to see if you like it and then decide on the horse that fits you best.
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    Take care of your new horse. Your horse will have some white hair as a paint horse (although there are some solid colored paint horses). Keep him clean so he looks good.


  • American Paint Horses tend to be very docile horses in general so they are great for riders of all kinds!
  • Paint horses can be used for many disciplines. They are commonly used as stock horses but can also be show horses.


  • Some people will advertise a horse as perfect and give all of the reasons why you should get that horse but in reality, they could be lying about their horse just so someone will buy it. That is why you need to go see the horse in person and ride it before deciding.
  • It it hard to believe, but people will drug horses so they are very docile when someone comes to look at it. When you schedule a time to look at the horse, say that you'll drop by sometime throughout the day or something that is quite general so that the owner can't decide when to drug the horse. This way you'll see the actual horse.

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  • Research

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