How to See if Santa Is Real

Curiosity is part of what makes human beings so inventive and capable. Having an inquiring mind is a way of discovering what's real in the world and what's potentially unsubstantiated. If you want to find out whether or not Santa is real, do a little detective work and treat this as one of your first true science experiments at home.


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    Write Santa a letter. Be sure to send it on time, he receives and sends post like all other earthbound entities and he might get held up in the season's mail if you're not punctual enough. Wait for a letter in reply.
    • Ask yourself: Did Santa send it? What's the proof of this?
    • How many ways can you write to Santa? How many countries let you write to Santa via their postal service? Include this in your research and hypothesize what this might mean.
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    Visit Santa at the mall. When you see him in a department store or a Christmas party, pull his beard. (Do not pull the mustache, that will hurt as it'll either be real or glued on, ouch.)
    • Does the beard come off? If so, you may wish to be concerned that this is not the Santa. If not, what sort of Santa is this?
    • Go directly to another mall close by. Ask Santa how he manages to be in two places at once. What do you think of his explanation? Is it realistic?
    • What do you think if a parent or someone else explains that mall Santas are real Santa's helpers?
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    Pluck up the courage to ask your parents about Santa. Here is a good test of whether or not your parents are willing to engage with you in a sensible, rationale discussion or would prefer to keep things as they are.
    • What is their answer? What are the facts they've presented you with? Does the explanation seem accurate to you? Why or why not?
    • Ask them why it is so important that Santa comes to your house. This may stump them, so smile sweetly.
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    Set up a motion-sensing video camera on the night of Christmas Eve. Place it right in front of the chimney. You may like to ensure no one will be able to see it, to keep this experiment free from interference. Next day, play it back and see what happened.
    • Is it really Santa? Look closely now.
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    Set up a little table in front of the chimney. Put a plate with a lot of cookies and a tall glass of cold milk. If you have some chocolate and/or strawberry powder, put a container of some on the table. If these are gone in the morning, what does that tell you?
    • That Santa and the reindeer visited?
    • That your parents took it away?
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    Ask if you can sleep by the tree on Christmas Eve night. Maybe when Santa comes you will get to see him in person.
    • Realize that you have a 100 percent chance of being told not to sleep there on that night. To try and deal with this, ask for a sleepover or to sleep in that exact place three weeks before Christmas. If it's agreed to, then you have ammunition to sleep there on Christmas Eve by pointing out that you were already allowed to sleep there before.
    • If you win this opportunity (highly unlikely), stay awake. Is that Santa placing gifts under the tree? Is Rudolph there too?
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    Look for your presents. On Christmas Day, wake up and look for those Santa gifts. If they're there, don't forget to be appreciative generally. Then remember what Christmas is actually about, the holiday made to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the Christian faith. Christmas is a celebratory tradition of this event.
    • Enjoy the occasion as one of family and friends getting together. Feast, make merry and appreciate your precious life.


  • This page is definitely not for readers seeking confirmation either way of the existence of Santa. It's an article to teach you to think long and hard about what you are told and to find the facts and think about what they mean.


  • If you do happen to see Santa, don't be mean to him. Just tell him Merry Christmas!

Things You'll Need

  • Video camera, camcorder, or camera that records
  • Milk
  • Tall glass cup
  • Delicious cookies
  • Glass plate
  • Chocolate powder or strawberry powder for his milk (optional)
  • A letter to Santa (optional)

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